Six Most Flattering Miniskirt Formulas To Try This Season.

You might be thinking of how to wear a mini skirt this year, seeing as there's been a downward decline of minis being in wardrobes over the last year + Midi styles have seemingly taken over?

Not to worry, we at The Style Hive have thought to gather at least six most flattering miniskirt formulas that you can try this season.

And no, miniskirts are not just for teenagers

Yes grown ups can absolutely rock them.

Keep scrolling to see how to wear a mini skirt in 6 ways:

1) Mini Skirt + Heels = @nanaadjoawalker

2) Mini Skirt + Layers = @ju_romano

3) Mini Skirt + T Shirt + Heels/Flats = @nanaadjoawalker

4) Mini Skirt + Oversized T-shirt = @lollilewis, Rihanna

5) Mini Skirt + Coord Blazer = Balmain, Reworked, Bella Hadid

6) Mini Skirt + Blazer or Leather Mini Skirt + Blazer = @andicsinger, Sofia Resing

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