Real Talk - In A Surgery-Oriented World, How Do You Teach A Teenager About Self Love?


In a current world where the “ideal body type” standard, is a/an “hourglass figure”; thin waist and bodacious hips and bum, and many women are now seeking to achieve a curvaceous, seamless and natural look majorly through surgery, you have children whose lives (regardless of parental control oftentimes) are centered around spending a lot of time on social media apps; Instagram and TikTok, and even entertainment, subconsciously feeding into the consistent body image that the media projects to be ideal.

Interestingly, just a few years ago, the ideal body image was a “Size Zero”; in which models and celebrities would often appear unheathily stark thin, and in the process often vulnerably open up to having either been battling eating disorders such as like “anorexia” or “bullimia” or “body dysmorphia”.

Hollywood celebrities like Salma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez, were often praised for having the “perfect bodies” too.

Now, in 2021, even though the body “beauty” standard has evolved into an “acceptance” of what the average African/Black body has almost always been; fuller hips, big bums and sometimes a tiny waist; there is the ever growing concern that in as much as thankfully, we are now “allowed” to not be only “thin”, and also thankfully creating more awareness about other acceptable body types, that there is the constant media reminder to aspire to attain the “hourglass shape” which oftentimes can only be achieved through surgery.

Now with the media’s constant shoving down our throats of the “ideal body type”..... which might in its own way cause even adults to battle with “body esteem”, as an adult speaking to a 15 year old child, or your 14/15 year old self, what would you advise on “Self Love” convincingly, and how would you help guide a Teenager away from “body dysmorphia” to “self love”?

How do you celebrate your body?

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