7 Backdrop Ideas You Need, To Make Your Stylish Instagram Photos POP!

There are so many factors that go into creating a great stylish Instagram post: the outfit, the aesthetic, the pose, the filter etc.

But before all of that, there is at least one essential thing that that you have to consider when determining how you want your feed to look like, and that is: the backdrop. 

Because you probably don't want every single one of your images to have the same background, we have come up with Instagram backdrop ideas that can really help your photos pop.

Best Part? These props can also be purchased online if you don’t want to go through the stress of finding locations with these backdrops.

Here are 7 backdrop ideas you need, to make your Instagram photos pop.

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1) Solid Coloured Walls: Whether it's a bright colour like yellow, pink or red, or a tonal gray or white solid wall, this is a nice backdrop to showcase your exciting stylish #ootd

2) Funky Bedsheet: Creatively use a white bedsheet or any funky coloured bedsheet as backdrop, without worrying about getting your wall in the background of your photo.

This can also be helpful if you plan on posting products that need to be easily-readable against a surface.

Extra Tip - You can use scarves in place of bedsheets too.

3) Wood/Plant/Raffia Backdrop: The beauty that these backdrop options will add to your photos, is so underrated.

4) Leaves/Flowers: Thanks to nature, these are very much accessible all around us (hopefully as long as global warming stops taking the piss)

5) Brick Wall: Thinking of creating a rustic or sultry feel to your photos? Think Brick walls.

They thankfully go with absolutely any colours, hence the outfit possibilities are endless.

6) Beach Backdrop: Did you know there are so many photo ideas that can be achieved with this backdrop.... the angles, the sky, the vibe...

Amazing right?

7) Marble: Want to show off a a fancy outfit or yummy meal?

Try a crispy clean and shiny marble background.

With just the right edits, your kitchen and or even bathroom tiles can be transformed into a perfect backdrop.

See reel video for more.

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