How To Style Oversized Sunglasses + Photos.

What's the thing they say about oversized sunglasses?🤔 Nothing really, I mean except that they block out the haters, (we just made that up).... But let's be serious, because Sunglasses have been an important part of protecting our eyes over the years.

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While all sunglass sizes can be stylish, oversized sunglasses are definitely a trend that cannot be ignored, because size doesn't matter. Finding the right fit and frame is what matters!

Finding the right fit really just means you have to make sure that the top of the frames do not cover your eyebrows, neither should the bottom of the frames touch your cheeks so as to avoid your entire face looking off.

Now whether your face is round, oval, square, or heart shaped, the great news is you can pull off oversized sunglasses, as long as you do it right, and find the right oversized sunglasses that can complement your face shape.

If you have a Heart shaped face; opt for cat eye sunglasses. (Heart shaped faces are defined with a wider forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin)

Oval shaped faces are those with proportionate forehead, cheeks, and jawline. This face shape is very versatile and any kind of oversized singlasses can be a perfect fit, as long as you keep in mind the proportion of the sunglasses (as stated above in regards to "finding the right fit".

If you have a Round shaped face, then you most likely have full cheeks, a narrow forehead and a narrow jaw. Although this face shape is almost similar to oval faces but with a less prominent jaw. Recommended frames for roud shaped faces? Wide Rectangular or Square frames.

Lastly, Square shaped faces include broad foreheads with a square jawline. The important thing to know about choosing the right frame, is that you want to contrast your face shape and soften the sharp features by wearing round or aviator sunglasses. Oval and cat eye sunglasses can sometimes work for square shaped faces too.

Anyway, bottom line is, if you are thinking of how to make a strong/bold fashion statement, think oversized sunglasses.

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