These Illustrations By Lainey Molnar Will Absolutely Make Your Day! We Can 100% Guarantee It!

We found some of THE coolest illustrations by @lainey.molnar, and OF COURSE we knew you had to see them too!

Read one of her captions below:

She says "Society’s perceived milestones shouldn’t affect how we view women. I’m 31, single, childless, all of my possessions fit in a few suitcases, and I’m happy. Not tv commercial happy, not lying to myself happy, just at peace with myself, always knowing everything will eventually be fine, even at the worst times. I still constantly hear “I hope you will find a partner soon”, “You will change your mind about children”, “You’ll meet him when you least expect it”, “Maybe it’s time to settle down”. Eh. We have the right to choose our lifestyle and not apologize for it, we have to right not to settle for less, we have the right to pick whatever makes us whole, it being a white picket fence and three toddlers or backpacking around the world. Don’t let anyone’s rulebook and judgement define you."


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