5 Ways To Look Chic On A Budget

"You don't need to be rich to look chic."    

@idesign8 wearing a set from Walmart

It's a fashion lover's dream to be able to walk into any store and buy anything without having to worry about the price. But, we all don't have access to that kind of privilege.

Sometimes the price tag doesn't align with our bank account and that's ok. But the good news is, there are many different ways to look chic and effortless without breaking the bank, and we at The Style Hive have gathered 5 tips to get you started.

1. Experiment with different fabrics
Fabric is the foundation of any piece of clothing, and as such, fabrics such as satin, tweed and/or linen, can easily elevate your looks from drab to fabulous.

The type of texture these fabrics have is eye-catching, and no matter what you pair them with, your outfit will look chic.

Brands like Pretty Little Thing, carry affordable pieces in these types of fabric.

Pretty Little Things, Red Tweed Button Mini Skirt

2. Fake it till you make it
Well, there's nothing that screams chic like leather, and whether it is a leather bag or a leather jacket, it always exudes style.

The good news is; you don't have to spend a lot to add a leather item to your closet, becaurands like Zara make affordable faux leather pieces.

3. Find your perfect LBD
Introduced by Coco Chanel back in 1926, the little black dress (LBD) is a classic staple piece that every woman should own. It never goes out of style. 
As such, designers continue to find new ways to elevate it.

The great thing about the LBD is that almost every clothing brand carries it, and a great affordable option is Missguided

4. It's all in the details
Accessories are so essential, as they can transform any type of outfit no matter the occasion. Not only do they take your look to the next level, they also let you show off your personality.

While there are a lot of expensive accessories in the market, brands like Asos offer affordable options.

5. When you can, wear heels
Shoes can make or break an outfit. Even though they are not the most comfortable, high heels give a certain type of confidence that you simply cannot find with any other type of shoe.
High heels are also great statement pieces to have in your closet, as they can be styled with different outfits depending on the occasion.
Brands such as Public Desire offer trendy and affordable high heels.  

Which tip will you be using?
Let us know in the comments. 


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