How To Look Chic In Double Denim

There is something about the double denim trend-often referred to as denim on denim- that innately feels wrong fashion-wise. Who would have ever thought that wearing two clothing pieces that are in the same texture family would be a thing that would never go out of style? Even when we see some street style stars flawlessly donning in this trend, there is still a feeling on whether or not it is actual worth trying, and this feeling brings about some level of intimidation when we eventually try to pull it off ourselves. No jokes, this trend can be scary to pull off, but when done correctly, it is undoubtedly jaw-dropping.

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That said, we would love that we look on the bright side of this article. How can we effortlessly look chic in double denim?

We at The Style Hive have dissected the ultimate style tips of putting together a denim-on-denim outfit; continue reading to discover.

1. Mix Different Denim Hues
The double denim trend can look great when you mix up your fabric shades. These are a great way to channel a more modern and street-style fashion vibe into your outfit. Try combining denim separately in distinctly different denim washes, like a combination of vintage-inspired denim shorts and a light blue denim jacket.

While combining/mixing your denim washes, let is reflect that dark washes tend to create a slimming effect, while light shades of denim draw attention to the body areas that it covers.
More importantly, be comfortable in your denim on denim outfit. Have fun, and be comfortable.

2. Go for a Slouchy Silhouette
For a more relaxed and easy-breezy type of look, try combining denim ensembles that have slouchy silhouettes. Based on your signature style, you can play with denim pieces that have different fits and fabric washes too.

If you're still in doubt about what goes with what, go for a light denim pant/skirt/short, and go far a darker denim jacket. You could also try wearing matching denim pieces.
Finish off your already chic look with a pair of d-framed sunglasses, a super cute leather bag, and a basic sneaker or ankle book.

3. Try a Denim Jacket with a Denim Skirt
The denim skirt is one staple piece that is great for almost any occasion. From a chill coffee date to a special meeting with someone, you can never go wrong when wearing a denim skirt.

Wear a cropped denim jacket with a solid-colored t-shirt or hoodie underneath. If you are not a fan of the mini-denim skirt, you can try a denim maxi skirt or an embroidered denim skirt. There are the best choices to elevate your femininity. Regardless of the length you choose, keep your top simple, and complete your look with a pair of statement shoes and some simple accessories.

4. Make It Monochrome
By far, this tip is one of the most suitable options that look great on everyone. Like a denim jumpsuit, wearing the same wash from head to toe produces a streamlined silhouette that looks great. As earlier said, dark denim washes have a slimming effect, so remember to go for denim shades that perfectly fit your body.

Take your look to another level by pairing a black leather boot or combat boot, or a simple sneaker. Avoid wearing denim accessories, like denim bags and shoes. Keep in mind that the less your denim fabric, the less of an in-your-face result.

5. The Denim Combo is Classy, Rock It.
We can not deny that the double denim trend is classy, and this is more reason why every lady needs to try it.
Denim with different silhouettes is a clear indication that it is suitable for different body shapes, and it is thus versatile.

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