5 Fashion Rules Women Should Completely Ignore

“don’t clash prints”, “how dare you not wear socks with those shoes”, “sparkles are for evening”, “don’t ever try mixing colors”… These are some of the fashion rules we have all encountered at some point in our fashion/style escapade.
As we already know, fashion has been one of the best ways of self-expression. Self-expression in this context is the ability of not conforming to indubitable fashion standards that are considered ideal, often for no other reason than because they are what we have always heard to be true. Some of these fashion standards are old and need to be reworked, while others are insignificant.

While you unapologetically ignore these fashion rules, staying fashionable and stylish should be your goal. The trick to staying fashionable and stylish is to create an equilibrium between fashion trends and the fashion pieces that naturally gravitate towards you.

Let it reflect that a number of these rules were put in place by impeccable fashion experts, who do not know anything about you, your style, and even your budget. So, why subject and limit yourself to these rules? Now is the time to say “no” to fashion rules that don’t define you.

1. Don’t Wear Denim On Denim
If rightly done, the denim on denim fashion trend can be a classy, stylish, and timeless choice that looks good on everyone.
If you’re still finding it difficult to pull off this look, we at The Style Hive have written a full Styling article on how to wear the double denim trend. You can read that article here.

2. Hide Your Body
This is 2020, and if you’re yet to embrace and love yourself, when would you do that? Most women (Plus-sized especially) have been encouraged to hide and cover their curves with oversized and unflattering clothing pieces.
2020 is the year to wear clothes that are comfortable with less regard of the shape or size. If a fashion piece or clothing accessory looks great on you, then why not?

3. The Designer Knows Best
This rule can also be understood as “manufacturers know best”, and how does it sound? What happened to “customer/consumers know best?”. We have been conditioned by the fashion industry to always believe that being a fashion designer automatically equals divine authenticity and quality. Fashion designers are creating amazing clothing structures that we love-no doubt-, and most of the time, we find ourselves paying for the influence and not necessarily the clothes.

Whenever you are making any fashion purchase, be sure it is something you love and would wear. Designers are to guide you and not dictate what and what not to buy.

4. Don’t Go Thrifting
Style is always about what’s trending and about the next big thing. From style influencers making fashion statements with these latest trends to skyrocketing sales in the shopping malls, it is pretty easy to get the feeling that being stylish is dependent on the amount of new and expensive clothes in your closet..
If your budget does not support excessive spending, then it would be best to purchase secondhand clothes that are still clean and look great.

5. Let By Gone be By Gone
Fashion is cyclical and has the habit of recycling itself over the decades, and this year is no exception. Today, the past is not in the past, as modern style is influenced by decades and seasons past
If you’re a vintage or retro fashion enthusiast, mix and match pieces from different eras to find the perfect style that is uniquely yours.

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