5 Classic Color Combinations That Will Make You Look Rich And Chic, Effortlessly!

Combining clothing pieces with different colors has become a fun fashion trend that we have deeply fallen in love with. But as fun as this trend can be, pairing different colors can either make or break your rich-girl outfit. With that said, consider it normal to feel a little uncomfortable when experimenting and putting together any ensemble with two or more different colors and hues. Think of it as a trial and error fashion-phase when you get to try everything and learn from your mistakes.

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Nonetheless, we at The Style Hive are always here to rescue you from unsolicited fashion disasters. We’ve decided to take you through a variety of color-coordinating outfit ideas that work, and outfit ideas you can execute to enhance your style. From green and yellow ensembles to pink and red outfits, keep reading to discover the five clothing color combinations that will make you look expensive with less effort.

1. Green and Yellow
There is no other clothing color combination that is summer-worthy than a freshly clean green and yellow outfit. This combination is the perfect outfit idea that looks great on any skin complexion. Either you choose to go for a bright yellow and green, or a warm yellow and dark green, it is still very much less difficult to pull off.
Pairing standout accessories like a green/yellow clutch bag or even a white/black clutch bag (white and black matches anything) can spice up your overall outfit. Just try to have some fun when experimenting with these colors, but keep it simple and elegant!

2. Pink and Red
The pink and red color combination is one of our all-time favorite looks. It is quite amazing to see the beautiful outcome of combining two vibrant colors that meet the eyes. The fact that we see some of our favorite style influencers unapologetically pulling this off makes it even better.
Since pink and red are two vibrant colors, accessories are best kept simple. Take this clothing color combination to a whole new level by pairing with a statement shoe like a black stiletto to even-out the color palette.

3. Black and Orange
This is the moment when you can boldly say, orange and black is the new black. There is nothing that lifts a black outfit more than a bold, bright, beautiful color, and orange is most certainly in that category. Whether it is a dress that perfectly incorporates these two colors or individual clothing pieces, this is the right color combo that will elevate your style and make you look like a million-dollar baby. Pair your outfit with the right accessories, and you’re good to go.

4. Black and White
Black and white is the one classic color combination in your closet that never goes out of fashion. As timeless as this color combo can be, there has since been an upgrade. Naturally, black is a strong and dominant color, while white, on the other hand, is peaceful and calm. So, when combining these two colors, your goal is to create some reasonable level of synergy and balance. One color doesn’t have to dominate the other. Think of it as the Chinese Yin and Yang. Finally, complete your black and white outfit with statement accessories that match.

5. Red and Blue
Combine red and blue, and you have a color that is both powerful and bright. Create a styling partnership by pairing your outfit with gold or silver accessories. Remember to keep it simple, chic, and stylish.

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