As a working-class lady who loves night outs, you may sometimes feel the urge to go out with your girls on a cozy Friday evening straight from work; but then end up reconsidering it, depending on the fashion leniency of your workplace.
If your workplace embraces the pant/shirt combo, this really might not be a good fit for cocktails with your girl pals right?
So, how then can you quickly take your work look from uhm to wow?

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We've got good news for you!
Transforming your outfits from day to night is such an easy fix, and this can be achieved by selecting versatile statement pieces that are both fashion-savvy and work-friendly.

It could even be as little as changing the color of your lips or letting your hair down or wearing some extra necklace and bangles here and there, or wearing that fancy headband you have waiting in your bag.....
Putting all these things together can enhance and elevate your overall outfit.

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Today, we are highlighting the five most versatile statement pieces that would require a little styling effort in the transition of your day to night outfit.

1. The Statement LBD

This is not just any random little black dress.
This is a little black dress with a standout twist.
Selecting an edgy black dress is a no brainer outfit idea that is safe enough to carry you throughout the day at the office, and can effortlessly be glammed up for a date night with your man or your girl pals.

The simple trick here is to first select a dress that is edgy and work-friendly and then pair with statement earrings.
Complete your outfit with a heel that is comfortable enough to take you from day-to-night; let down your hair, and boom! you're ready for the night.

2. Jumpsuit


First off, jumpsuits/pantsuits are not just for the office alone. A lot of us have been limiting ourselves to some of these norms, but say no more.

My favorite versatile thing about jumpsuits is its adaptability from day time office to a nighttime outfit. You can choose to pair your jumpsuit with a well-structured blazer and a strappy heel.

3. Shirt Dress


Because shirt dresses are incredibly comfortable, this day-to-night styling trick would perfectly work with it and as such, with any button-down dress that you have in your closet.

Shirt dresses come in different lengths, and this in turn is dependent on where you would be wearing it to. A midi shirt dress would be good for work and play.
For a night-out outfit, you can pop open a couple of buttons for a more chill and relaxed look. Complete your outfit with a simple pair of ankle strap heels.

4. Jackets


For an absolute transformative look, jackets are always very essential. If the cold weather won't permit you to flaunt your beautiful arms, wearing a jacket would come in handy. Jackets come in various sizes and colors and they can be worn on any outfit.

5. Details Matter Too


Details are the very key essentials that people notice in your outfit, so if you're not doing it right, then you are probably jeopardizing all the efforts you placed in selecting your outfit. When it comes to day-to-night outfits, ensure that your accessories stand out. From your bag to your purse, to your earrings and all. We sometimes tend to focus on the bigger things and lose focus on the smaller things.

If you are wearing a black dress, you could pair an evening metallic clutch with it. Just add a little touch up here and there, and you're good to go. The same goes for your hair and make-up.

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