Interview: Celebrity Hairstylist Kehinde Are Talks Hairstyling Journey And Being Featured in Black Is King

Kehinde Are @25thfairyhair

Irrespective of the fact that more of the fashion achievements and praises are towards genuine fashion designers and stylists in the industry, there is still a void that only a professional hairstylist would perfectly fit in. This validates one thing, which is the fact that Hair Styling is and would always be an integral part of the general fashion and creative industry.

For celebrity hairstylist Kehinde Are, hairstyling is more than just any profession.

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The Nigeria-based hairstylist is a graduate of Linguistics from the prestigious University of Lagos.

Having to harness hairstyling skills all by herself, and from her previous bridal hairstyling classes, Kehinde has worked with A-list celebrities with names such as Davido, Burna Boy, Perri Edwards, Seyi Shay, Dami Oniru, Sauti Sol and Naira Marley. She has also worked on multi-national campaigns including GTBank’s Fashion Is Freedom Campaign in 2019, and Black Is King by Beyoncé

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We spoke with Kehinde Are for this exclusive interview to learn about being a hairstylist and staying up to date with hair trends, and what it feels like to feature in the Black is King musical film.

Hair by Kehinde Are, Model @thejessicaokeke

Tell us about your background as a hairstylist and how the hairstyling journey started?

Hi, my name is Kehinde Are, and I have been in the hair industry for a year now.
My hairstyling journey started as a result of finding myself. I resigned from work 5 months before I was advised to learn bridal hairstyling. I registered for a 2 months bridal hairstyling class around April 2019, didn’t spend up to 2 weeks in total due to some personal reasons. I got my first bridal hairstyling client a month after, but before my bridal client, I styled some models in a music video. So, that was how it all started.

How would you respond to a client that reaches out to you and asks for a style you don’t think will suit them?

Currently, I only style for music videos, commercials, and editorials. So hair decisions are based on mood boards.

Should you focus on your work or conversation while styling hair?

I am very big on focusing on my work, I don’t like chatting while working, I like to focus on my work and get done with it, but if the atmosphere warrants you saying one or two words, why not, just know when to talk and when not to.

Model @dorcasolayinka_

How do you stay up to date with current hairdressing trends?

I love to surf the internet, I check Pinterest, I also have a couple of hairstylists that I love their works, they inspire my works sometimes, while most times Daniel Obasi brings out the creativity in me through his ideas. Also, I have this notebook on my bed, so anytime I have an idea, I just write it down and it comes in handy.

Tell us about your last project. What did you like best about it?

The highlight of my last project was when the client said he searched for my page after checking my business page. That was it for me, I was shocked and impressed also. It made me feel proud of myself.

Tell us about a time you messed up a client's hair. What did you do?

I have never messed up a client’s hair and I am not hoping to do that any time soon. I am a perfectionist, and having to mess up a client’s hair will mess up my day. I don’t want to ever be in that position.

How does it feel being a part of the Black Is King project? You know, seeing your work on a global trajectory is amazing.

I can’t express how grateful I am, how honored I am, and how blessed I am to be featured in Black Is King. I truly cannot wrap my head around it because I sleep and wake up and be like ‘yes! I did that job, and I’m so proud of myself’. Even though I just started as a stylist in a year, my work is already in a global project, it’s an amazing feeling.

For me, it’s like an opportunity that came without me knowing about it or planning for it. I didn’t even know I was going to be the hairstylist for the project. Generally, I didn’t know I was going to be a hairstylist until January/February last year. So yeah, it is an opportunity that I’m so grateful to be a part of.

If you had the power to change anything in the hair and beauty industry, what would it be?

Hair and beauty is a way of life, and the sooner people start accepting that, the better. There was this one time someone asked me what my occupation was, and I said hairstylist, they didn’t take me seriously until they saw my works which made me question people's perception about it.


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