Let me start on this note. If there is just one lesson you must have learned this entire year, it's this: You and only you are the most significant person in the whole universe right now.

At some point in our individual and collective lives, we have probably placed too many persons and situations before us that made us lose our sense of self-worth or self-value.

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It is also of great importance to understand that your entire life is lived through your eyes (not your friends or family), and how you interact with the world and those around you, depends on how you choose to interpret these things.

In essence, your reality depends on the amount of love you give yourself and how much you take care of yourself.

The less you practice self-love and/or the less you listen to yourself/understand your thoughts; the more confused, angry, and frustrating you become.
But then again, loving yourself is not easy.

As the saying goes: you are your own worst critic (whether you like it or not).

Regardless, consider it time to start caring for yourself and treating yourself with the love that you deserve, because loving yourself is not you being selfish, but is that blueprint that shows others how you love you.

With these in mind, we at the Style Hive have put together seven tangible ways on how you can truly love yourself.

1. Drop Off Comparisons
It is easy to always compare your growth to that of a friend, but you know what is even easier: telling yourself that you’re not doing badly after all. No one is better or worse, more or less than you.
Time and chance happen to everyone, and that is the only difference.
You have value just as you are, and accepting your self counters any form of comparison.

2. Be Truly In The Moment
Naturally, our lives are full of endless distractions, many of which are fun and worthwhile. But eventually, they can be draining, and this consequently can keep us from truly knowing and being ourselves if we don't learn to consciously remember to live in the moment.

3. Not Everyone Can Stand Your Audacity, So Stay True To Yourself
That’s right, some people cannot stand your boldness, and that’s Ok!
Don’t waste your time trying to please people who are less important to you, because loving yourself means being your authentic self in and out.
Life is too short to loose vital brain cells over anyone that can not stand your energy.

4. Make Fun A Priority
Honey, you need to relax and have some fun.
Every week, put something fun on your work agenda.
Don’t neglect it or cancel because you maybe have too much work to do. Just like a little rest, having fun is another way to distress and unwind.

5. Stand Up For Yourself
Like building certain boundaries, standing up for yourself at all times is a way to show others that your opinions are valid, and they also count.

6. Do Not Be Scared To Ask For Help When In Need
Another thing about loving yourself is realizing that no man is an island, and anyone that thinks he/she is an island is merely delusional. Asking for help doesn't make you weak, it's human. We would all need help at some point in our lives.

7. Speak Kindly To Yourself
Don’t call yourself names you won't want anyone to call you. Speak kindly about your self every day!

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