5 Things In Your Closet To Get Rid Of Now

Do you always complain about how cluttered your closet is? Do you have a lot of items in your closet but have nothing to wear? If yes, then your closet needs an instant intervention. So, let's start here with the things to get rid of in your closet without compromising and contemplating.


If there's that one spot in the house that gives the most grief and increases our level of anxiety, it would be the bedroom or the closet area. It often feels like an impending disaster zone, if not already a disaster zone.
And you know, anything and any place that messes with your mental well being isn't healthy and hence should be avoided.

With this, it might be time to clean out and prune your closet so it only has your favorite clothing pieces and clothing pieces that represent who you are and what you stand for.

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The process to get rid of things is somewhat tedious, but not to worry, we've got you covered. 

Ahead is a list of things that will help you figure out what to get rid of in your closet and what to keep. You can also get the donation bag ready to give out some of these clothing pieces to those in need, or to industries that are in the business of recycling waste clothing. Burning should never be an option!

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Sentimental Clothing Pieces That Don't Fit
If that skirt doesn't zip all the way or wearing that top makes it hard for you to breathe or raise your hands, consider it time to throw them out of your closet. It would be a lie if we say that we don't know those clothing pieces that won't sit well with our bodies, so why keep them? Why allow them to take up all the space in your closet? Irrespective of how dear to you they are, if they are not creating some level of synergy with your fashion taste, let them go.

Anything With Shoulder Pads
I can understand that shoulder pads are already making their way back into the fashion scene, especially for Spring/Summer 2020, and whatever is left of these remaining winter months. But for once, I think its high time we wave goodbye to these trends and embrace other top-notch trends. 
If you once loved jackets with shoulder pads, it's fine because we all did at some point in our lives.
As your aesthetics evolves, don't be afraid to toss out those pieces that no longer work.

Sentimental Clothing Items That Make You Sad
If you have any clothing piece that does not give you joy when you pick them to wear, or they remind you of an unpleasant experience in the past, it's time to let them go. I mean, why wear a summer dress that makes you feel like a seventy-year-old lady? It is better to have show-stopping clothing pieces in your wardrobe and toss any clothing piece that doesn't represent you. You can do more with less.

Clothes You Are Keeping For Your Children
It is funny, but it is the truth. Many of us have ordered a couple of clothing items online, and on delivery, we realized they were smaller. We end up keeping it for our children yet unborn. Do me a favor by kindly tossing them out. 

Those Super Cute Shoes That Don't Fit
In your pursuit for comfort, take out every shoe that doesn't fit. Regardless of how expensive these shoes are, its time to get rid of them. If they are new and super expensive, reselling them might be another great option.

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