There is nothing more fun and relaxing than hanging out with your favorite girlfriends at a bar or club on a cozy Friday night after a stressful day, giggling about some boy drama and drinking liquor responsibly. This feeling is an opportunity to distress and unwind, and more importantly, get dressed up!

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The only hassle that can occur is the midnight decision you’ll have to make on what to wear, and we know how annoying that can be. That is why we at The Style Hive have compiled a list of chic and stylish outfits you can effortlessly rock to your next girls’ night out, accompanied by some ideas and tips to keep in mind as you are preparing.

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Plan your outfits ahead of time.
The benefits and need for proper planning for anything cannot be overemphasized. I doubt if anyone loves the stress that comes with trying to fix an outfit in a rush.

So therefore, always have two or three go-to outfits all ready to be worn right when you get that midday text from your girls inviting you for a night out.

Be up to date about the weather forecast.
Preparing a warm outfit for a warm evening without having any idea whatsoever about the impending decline in temperature is not fun. Carry along an extra sweater or jacket if the night is going to get cold.

Simple Make-up, but picture ready.
If you and your friends love taking pictures to commemorate your night out, then be prepared for it.

You might want to skip this tip if you do not wear make-up to night events. But if you do, then you must keep the lighting of your destination in mind. I recommend checking some YouTube tutorials on how to create the perfect girls’ night out make-up.


Accessories should be on fleek!
There is no easier way to elevate any outfit than pairing it with the right accessories. From your rings to your bracelets and your statement earrings and neck chain, everything should be on point!

You need an Emergency Kit in your Purse.
An emergency kit is a little kit or a collection of items tucked in your purse that would come in handy in a pinch.
Having an emergency kit in your purse makes you prepared for any incident that might want to ruin your night out with the girls.

Keep your emergency kit simple and only pack things you know would be helpful to you. Here are some examples of things you might consider tucking into your purse.
  1. Pads or Tampons
  2. Painkillers (Ready to save you from a headache)
  3. Hand sanitizers or wipers (Have fun, but be free from germs)
  4. Safety Pins (Great option when your zipper breaks)
  5. Extra Cash (There is always little something to buy)


Whether you are a plus-sized or petite, going for a dinner or clubbing, these outfit ideas will inspire you to be the best version of yourself when next you are out with your girls.






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