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With the current pandemic and its impact on our lives as fashion-forward individuals, it wouldn't be wrong if we said face masks are becoming the ultimate must-have accessory and whether we like it or not, they are here to linger for a while.
For this purpose, face masks are now more readily available than ever before as more fashion designers, and non-fashion designers sagaciously indulge in the process of face masks production.
This production process has paved the way for the infinite creativity possessed by creatives and also provided various job opportunities for the public.

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The first thing that comes to mind when we think of face masks is safety, but more than safety, face masks are another fun way to accessorize our outfits. Think of it as a hat or sun-glass; a fashion piece that does the work of completing and elevating your look.

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Thankfully, some brands, boutiques, and fashion designers have perfected the art of making a face mask, it's time we had a little fun with these mind-blowing face mask trends.

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These ruffle face masks are by Tia Adeola, Creative Director, and fashion designer of Slashed By Tia. With the skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 in the world, Tia thought it wouldn't feel right creating face masks without making safety her principal source of inspiration.
Being far away from her creative work station and quarantined in Nigeria with her family, Tia had little or no supplies to run her business.
Immediately after the easing of the lockdown, she got back creating, and the first of these ruffle face masks were up.



Tia’s signature design style has always been ethereal ruffles, shear garbs, and creations inspired by the renaissance period.
“I began to do some research on masks worn during my favorite period, the Renaissance, and explored ways I could incorporate my own ruffle silhouette into what seemed to be a pain that we are now required to wear,” says Tia Adeola in an interview with Teen VOGUE.

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In a bid to testing out possible masks for customers, menswear clothing brand Orange Culture in collaboration with Mrs. Juliet Omonigho created these iconic hand-crotchet face masks.
Mrs. Omonigho and Orange Culture have rightfully proven to us that creativity thrives through collaborations, and to think that these masks were birthed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis is just inspiring.

@orangecultureng X @omonigho_ng, model@victorcnduka

These tieback face masks are too appealing to just pass upon. The colors are truly radiating and they’re so comfy you might end up replacing your regular face masks with them.


Taking safety as a paramount aspect of the new normal, UK based wearable artist  Anita Quansah London took an artistic approach as usual by creating a face mask entirely from up-cycled denim and other refashioned materials. From the woven Aso Oke fabrics and zippers from denim trousers, each piece of materials has been fused to create one kind of statement accessory that is uniquely different from other face masks.


These face masks push the sustainability narrative and optimizes a keen representation of breathability and comfort while keeping your distance socially in style.
We all know that denim looks good with pretty much anything, so whether you’re casually dressed with denim and a tee or wearing leggings and an oversized sweater, a denim face mask is sure to complete the look excellently.


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