It is no longer news that the infusion of digital innovation and 3D virtual sampling into the fashion industry is gradually becoming a thing that we love. One of the most significant advantages of this invention is its ability to speed up the product development process. 

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When it comes to sampling development, 3D technology offers apparel brands the ability to modernize their sample-development, which at the end of the day saves time and money and helps brands respond quicker to customer trends and buyer demands.

There has since been a high rise of 3D virtual sampling in the African Fashion Industry, after Congolese Fashion Brand Hanifa digitally debuted their latest collection Pink Label Congo on Instagram Live.
This move was in response to the uncertainty that looms over the future of the fashion industry due to the pandemic. 

In the latest Ditto Africa's campaign featuring African fashion brand IAMSIGO, there was a need for virtual sampling. Ditto Africa is a content-driven and centralized mobile marketplace where global and local consumers can shop directly from a curated community of African Brands.

According to their instagram post, “Digital Sampling VS Physical Modeling- Virtual Sampling is part of the current digital transformation in the apparel industry. For our latest campaign featuring @iamsigo SS20, we wanted to compare the digital simulation with a real sample of the garment worn by a model -@eboneedavis (our friend and muse).”

Designer Bubu Ogisi is a prominent member of a generation of designers at the heart of the renaissance of Nigeria’s fashion industry. Not afraid to experiment with the Avante grade style; her pieces look as much like well-tailored clothing as they do modern art installations. We created this 3D sample to mimic an art piece hanging on a wall.

With this new development in the fashion industry, what then is the verdict?

Large and existing apparel brands are at the top chain of gradually benefitting, if not already experiencing the full benefits that come with 3D sampling, irrespective of the challenges that may exist.

With everything taken into consideration, fashion brands are left with the option to choose whether the benefits of 3D sampling outweigh the challenges, whether investing in 3D technology will be worthwhile and whether the use of 3D sampling would be a great way to achieve each brand's unique goals.

One thing remains, as we move into a world where there is excessive use of digital technology, virtual sampling is inevitable.

Photography// Aham Ibeleme
Model//Ebonee Davis
Foot Wear// Maliko Studios

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