Fashion trend as we know is dynamic, and with each year that passes, new fashion styles and trends evolve.

As such, it might be a bit challenging and overwhelming for inexperienced newcomers in fashion because they are invariably trying to keep up with these new trends. 

But fashion trends do not only change. In some cases, they are brought back in mode.
This proves that fashion is cyclical, and what was rendered old will almost certainly become new again.

It is also not a coincidence that styles like bell bottoms and mom-jeans that were excellent trendy pieces decades ago, have now once again, penetrated the trend-driven landscape of today's fashion. This penetration, has paved way for the comeback of vintage fashion, as it is officially at its high peak.

In this article, we would be sharing some absolute vintage clothing pieces that we believe everyone should have in their closet this season. 

1. Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are a huge vintage fashion trend comeback.
These pants became popular in the 60's and continued to widen into the 70's as they gained even more popularity.

In today’s mainstream fashion, bell bottoms (aka Anti-skinny jeans) are making headway in the fashion arena, as more designers are hopping on board and creating more of this trend. 


2. White Shirt-Dress

This lightweight and sun-reflective piece is a staple you can wear (and keep wearing) through labor-day.

Known for its simplicity and classic silhouette, this minimalist staple piece will most likely never go out of style.


3. Mom Jeans

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, mom jeans were mainly worn by middle-aged women and were also considered unhip by trendy younger women.

Today, the silhouette-thick, non-stretchy denim with a high waist, straight legs, and a moderately loose or “relaxed” fit can regularly be seen on models and trendsetters.


4. Pussy-Bow Blouse

The pussy-bow blouse was incredibly popular for stylish ladies in the 80's. These feminine tops were often made from uncomfortable synthetic materials, but the latest versions made by 21st century fashion designers can be found in more comfortable fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk.

You can pair this blouse with a slim pencil skirt or with a wide/slim leg trouser for your work outfit. 


5. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses of the 90's have basically become a wardrobe staple that we all love.

While there are common details on the slip dress that make it seem fit for the bedroom (romantic laces and spaghetti thin straps) the boudoir mood of this dress can be channeled in the streets as a go-to street wear.


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