Discovering your signature style is identifying with a particular mode of dressing/style that best describe your personality and reflects your image. It involves understanding your body and knowing the right clothes that fit. 

The very moment you discover your signature style, your life as a fashion-forward individual becomes very easy. 
Whenever you go shopping, you automatically know the clothing to look out for and the ones to buy at the end of the day. This also is applicable when you want to buy a bag or even a shoe.

However, you must know that discovering your signature style is not a one day job. It requires time, some trial and error here and there, and a little intuition. If you do not seem to have the said intuition, then perhaps with the assistance of a good stylist, the trial and error phase can be avoided.

Regardless, there are a few tips I believe would help anyone along the journey through the discovery of their signature style.

1.                                               ANALYZE YOUR EXISTING CLOSET

In your journey of style discovery, wearing what you truly adore should be your major focus. Although, I also advice that there should always be room for innovative ideas to try out new things.

One of the advantages of analyzing your existing closet is that it gives you an overview of clothing that works for you and those that don’t.

It’s only natural that you gravitate to clothes that work for you because they in turn describe your personality in a way random clothes cannot.

2.                                                                  PUT A LABEL ON IT

After you have analyzed your existing closet, the next thing to do is to put a label on it. In essence, this means choosing a few words that best describes the selected pieces that you adore and enjoy wearing.

Are they classic, modern, bohemian, edgy, casual, or trend-forward?

Agree on a handful of words that feels true to you and write them down for future references as they would help you whenever you are shopping for new pieces.

3.                                                                YOU NEED A STYLE ICON

Having one or a few persons in the creative industry that stands as an epitome of style inspiration is also a great tip for discovering your signature style. 

As someone who is seeking style inspiration, it is paramount that you spend quality time browsing Instagram and Pin Interest. These social platforms will provide you with an enormous array of outfit inspiration from the personal style icon/s you love.

Peradventure you love certain style bits from three different fashion icons or fashion bloggers, you can put all these style bits together to create your own.

Pulling different kinds of inspiration from several sources is a great way to figure out what you love and what you don’t love.

4.                                                                   KNOW THYSELF


In this journey, trusting your instincts and wearing what makes you the best version of yourself is key.
If your style is more of classic, aligning with Rihanna’s tough-meets-glamour appeal is going to look unnatural to you.

 So embrace your style, refine it, and don’t fight it.

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