1. Important deets about you.

Any information you would like to share?

Aside being a blogger, I have a 9-5 where I work as a human resource officer. Also, on the side, I am also an Afrocentric Entrepreneur at @debsclothier on Instagram and Facebook.

You definitely want to check that out for all beautiful Ankara home d├ęcor you can think about.
Generally, I am a content creator and a style influencer.

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2. Three fashion items you can’t live without/ every girl’s must have.

A basic white tee, a pair of jeans and a black stiletto.

3. Your current go-to everyday make-up look.

I’m mostly a simple make up girl except I want to go all the way out, other than that, I just wear a powder with a lip balm.

4. Choose one, love or an unlimited supply of clothes.
Give me love, I am a hopeless romantic human. Clothes will take care of itself, lols.

5. One DIY style hack you think everyone

should try.

It should be how to wear a scarf as a bikini top. I totally love that hack.

6. Five surprising items in your handbag.

A spare shoe/slip-on, a portable fan, a hand brush or comb, lip balm and tampons.

7. Coolest thing you’ve done so far.

I went on a solo trip outside Nigeria.

8. Your most embarrassing fashion mistake/

cringe-worthy moment.

I attended an event under-dressed, I wished I could disappear from the room.

9. One thing your Followers / readers would be surprised to hear.

I dip my bread in tea.

10. Favorite eat-out spot.

I’m cool with anywhere with a great customer service and amazing ambience.

11. Celebrity crush.

12. Your secret daily skin regime.

Consistent moisturizing, cleansing and scrubbing.

13. Three tools in your make-up kit you can never be without.

Eyebrow definer, make-up remover, eyebrow brush.

14. Fitness advice.

You are what you eat. 80% of body fat is in what we eat no matter how much exercise you do.

15. How do you gain inspiration to write your blog posts?

Mostly from controversies, my travels, beauty or styles I recently stumbled on or just from reading other blog posts.

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