1.   Important deets about you.
Any information you would like to share?

I'm Darasimi Ogbetah, a graduate of Mass Communication, and I love to sing, act and model!
I'm also 5 ft and 5 inches tall!

2.   Three fashion items you can’t live without/ every girl’s must have.

   Jeans, bags and make-up.

3. Your current go-to everyday make-up look.

 I'm not so good with applying makeup so it's always nude and light make-up for me!

4.  Choose one, love or an unlimited supply of clothes.

I'm a hopeless romantic, so love!

5. One style hack you think everyone should try.

It's not exactly a style hack but I would recommend everyone to try the onion hack for dark armpits.
Blend onions with little water, rub on your armpits and leave for 15 minutes before washing it off.
Ta - Da!

6.  Five surprising items in your handbag.

There's always a spoon for any emergency food, comb, notepad, lip-gloss and a pen.

7.  Coolest thing you’ve done so far.

I think that'll be starting my modelling career. I'm so happy I started, and I'm doing quite well.

8. Your most embarrassing fashion mistake/cringe-worthy moment.

None that I can remember.

9.  One thing your Followers / readers would be surprised to hear.

Lol, maybe that I'm 20 years. 21 in a few days!

10.  Favorite eat-out spot.

That'll be Spurs in Ikeja.
I managed to introduce everyone I know to that place. Great food, great services!

11. Celebrity crush.

It's caramel skinned Mawuli Gavor! I love him

12.  Your secret daily skin regime.

I don't do so much; I wash my face twice each day, use sunscreen and exfoliate twice a week.

13. Three tools in your make-up kit you can never be without.

Lip-gloss, powder and powder brush, anytime.

14.  Fitness advice.


15. Tell us a little about your modeling career.

     My modeling career kicked off in 2017, as I spoke to a few makeup artistes of my will to model for them. I have since become a face model.

I have however moved to other categories: Editorial modeling, hair modeling, and so on. I have modeled for beauty, hair, bead, and telecommunication brands.

Some of them include ALAT by Wema, X-Pression Hair, Darling Hair Nigeria, Gbenga Artsmith, Nuban Beauty Nigeria, Hegai and Esther cosmetics and many more. I plan to move into Television Commercial modeling this year.

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