1.  Important deets about you. Any information you would like to share.

Mercy Uka is a linguist turned lifestyle blogger who loves travelling, creating amazing editorial contents and networking.

2.      Three fashion items you can’t live without/ every girl’s must have.

Knuckle rings, boots and sunglasses.

3.      Your current go-to everyday make-up look.

A simple make-up look that definitely involves eyeliner.

4.      Choose one: love or an unlimited supply of clothes.

Haha….. I can’t seem to choose, I plead
 the fifth.

5.      One DIY style hack you think everyone should try.

Layering outfits (comes in handy always).

6.      Five surprising items in your handbag.

My chargers, lip gloss, powder, atm card and bobby pins (you never know who might need it).

7.      Coolest thing you’ve done so far.

Traveled round the South-western states in Nigeria in less than a week.

8.      Your most embarrassing fashion mistake/ cringe-worthy moment.

When I first became fashion conscious, I tried color blocking but failed woefully. Whenever I see pictures from that time, I have secondary embarrassment. Ha-ha

9.      One thing your Followers / readers would be surprised to hear.

I am actually a shy person, no one ever believes it. 

10.  Favorite eat-out spot.

Latitude lounge for when I’m in Ibadan.

11.  Celebrity crush.

Rihanna of course. Her style is unconventional.

12.  Your secret daily skin regime.

My moisturizer and @remzocreations skincare products (soap, glow oil, and body butter)

13.  Three tools in your make-up kit you can never be without.

Lip gloss, eye liner and powder.

14.  Fitness advice.

Start!! And be consistent in your exercise routine.

15.  Share with us some of your travelling tips and tricks.

Always have a budget. Also, if you can, travel with a group of like-minded people. It makes it more fun.

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