Style Inspiration - 5 Ways To Style This 2207 By TBally Adire Skirt, Featuring Your Favorite Celebrities. (See Pictures)

"Adire is a resist-dyed cloth produced and worn by the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa. The Yoruba label adire, which means "tied and dyed," was first applied to indigo-dyed cloth decorated with resist patterns around the turn of the twentieth century"
Credit - Fashion History

Your favorite celebrities pictured below, show 5 ways that this 2207byTbally skirt can be styled;

Picture 1 - @tiwasavage

Picture 2 - @iniedo

Picture 3 - @tokemakinwa

Picture 4 - @lindaosifo, Photographed By @newdawnfotography

Picture 5 - @tolubally

Whose style are you rocking?

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