#EndRape - Check Out List Of Centres Where Domestic Violence Survivors Can Get Help In Nigeria

"From the growing number of coronavirus deaths, to the horrifying killing of George Floyd in the US and rape cases in Nigeria, the month of May was quite the heavy one.
We’ve been inundated with so much sad news, injustice made our daily realities, and we need to know how to come together to help fight it, help heal those who have been hurt.

The hashtags #JusticeForTina, #JusticeForUwa, and #BlackLivesMatter have been trending for the past few days here’s how you can lend your voice.

We are well aware that a lot has happened, and it has been overwhelming for many of us. Rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, murder are one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. We are really thankful that social media has helped spark hot debates on this issue and calling for arrest and prosecution of culprits.

We must continue to keep up hope as we fight, push for the strengthening of the laws and follow up with enforcing them.
We must demand a safer Nigeria because it is our right as citizens.

This is not the time to stay silent!

Let’s keep on trending the hashtags for awareness – #JusticeForUwa, #JusticeforTina, #StopRape, #EndRape, #JusticeForJennifer, #NoToRape.

And, more importantly, let’s pray for the affected families.

Swipe left for a list of centres where domestic and sexual violence survivors can get help in Nigeria.

Or reach out to WARIF @warif_ng, STER @standtoendrape, @dsvrt Human Development Initiatives @hdi4nigeria."
Article Culled From - Bellanaijaonline

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