The reason why you always get bored of your daily outfit is because you are probably not pairing your outfits with the right accessories. It takes one with a fashion eye to see that women who have a great sense of style/fashion don’t only wear stylish clothes but accompany their clothes with key accessories that complement their outfit.

Key accessories are those little fashion pieces that tend to make your small wardrobe look big. They take your clothing to another level, highlight the colors of your outfit and finish off your overall look.

Here is a list of top 5 key accessories that will elevate your style and help you transform any outfit. These are every girl’s must-have as they are cool, chic and trendy.



Scarves are not new accessories in the fashion sphere. As far back as 1960, scarves were trendy fashion accessories worn to almost every occasion. 

Taking cognizance to scarves worn in the 1960's and those of now, there has been a huge difference in terms of pattern, color and design.

Although scarves are regarded as winter accessories but notwithstanding, they can also be used as statement pieces during summer.

A simple scarf can elevate your whole look and make it much better. Not to mention, it also keeps you warm during the winter/cold season.



A belt is a key accessory that most people often forget about, hence underrating and under-appreciating its relevance.

Belts are staple pieces that create a great impact on your overall look. They are the most perfect way to transform a simple and casual look to a more stylish and chic look.




Hats are key accessories that will never go out of fashion. Albeit most women find it difficult to pull off a hat, it is such an accessory that will add a touch of uniqueness to your outfit.

One major advantage of hats is that they can be worn in any season.



Sunglasses always look effortless. It is no doubt the most loved accessory worn by people all over the world. Every season, one style of sunglasses emerges as a clear favorite among the fashion set.
Speaking of favorite, over-sized d-frame sunglasses are dominating the fashion set.

These bold and big sunglasses have been spotted on so many fashion events.

To rock this accessory, you should avoid designs frames that are metallic and opt for plastic design frames instead.



 Give your hair a revamped look to match your outfit with an accessory that has stood the test of time – The Headband.

Head bands would lift your mood and transform your outfit.

Hence, we can see that when the right accessories are added to your outfits, it will make you look more elegant and stylish.

Investing on these accessories to update your wardrobe is not a bad idea.


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