It won’t be a bad thing if we accept the fact that we secretly want to dress like Queen Bee and some other style icons of the world, but don’t know where to start from and how to start. 

 For those who just started to take this thing called fashion seriously, I must confess that it might be intimidating-really intimidating-. 

Social media has brought us at a closer range into the lives of almost all the style icons that we know, and we can see how they wear really expensive clothes and live luxurious lives. For this reason, the growth of so many newbies in the fashion industry has been retarding.

So the question is how do I grow as someone who just started fashion? Better still, how can I look chic on a budget? Looking chic on a budget refers to working with what you already have in your wardrobe and adding key elements to your overall outfit. This for me is the authentic beauty of fashion.

For this article, I’ll be showing you different ways to style a simple dress. I decided to choose a dress because its one staple piece we all have. Whether it’s a midi dress, maxi dress, mini dress, or a wrap dress, these hacks and tricks would help you not to lose common sense, and stay stylish whatever the occasion.

1.   Pair with a blazer.
Pairing your dress with a blazer reminds you of one thing. You’re a boss lady! Like the photo below, blazers look great on mini dresses. 

If your dress has just one particular colour, then you pair it with a different coloured blazer. Wear a pair of ankle strap heel or thigh-high boots and you are good to go.


2.   Pair midi dress with Jacket and white sneakers.
This particular style works better with Midi dresses. So, if you have a midi dress, this is for you.
Leather jackets and denim jackets tend to add this edgy vibe when they are paired with Midi dresses. 

Your look would not be complete without a pair of white chunky FILA sneakers, or just any random white sneaker that you own.


3.   Layer with a coat and beret.
Layering your midi dress with a coat gives you a more edgy look. Your coat and beret would be better off worn if they had the same colour, to complement that of the midi dress.

 You can decide to detail your beret with fancy pins to add a feminine touch to your overall outfit.


4.    Layering white shirt under a strappy dress.
Wearing a white shirt under a strappy dress is such a go-to outfit idea. A white crew-neck tee shirt is one staple piece that matches everything.

 Complete this look with a pair of the black ankle boot and you’re ready to kick-ass.


5.   Layer with a cropped deep v-neck cardigan.
Layering a cardigan over a midi dress is also another great option. Accessorize your outfit with a statement necklace and earring.

Complete your outfit with a pair of heels and you’re ready for that cute date with your man.

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