Having an excellent photoshoot is not dependent on the camera used or the photographer who takes the photos. Although, we cannot deny the fact that those photos taken with quality cameras by professionals often turn out well and so, you need a good camera and a boyfriend named Alex who takes amazing photos, to begin with.

To be honest, these are not just the only factors and criteria for mind-blowing photoshoots. 
That is why in this article, I made a list of some of the things you should take note of before going for any photoshoot.

Now, if you are single -like me-, you might need to ask your neighbor or a friend to be your photographer for that moment. But if you have no one around, use a self-timer and tripod. At least your tripod stand would not complain. I love to take my photos with the self-timer feature on my phone and a tripod. Whichever way you are taking your photos, the lists below are still applicable.

1.     Plan

In my previous post, I highlighted some importance of organization and preparation, and how they affect our performances as humans; and so if you are going to have an excellent photoshoot then you would definitely need to plan it;
e.g maybe testing to see if an outfit fits properly and making adjustments if need be, or perhaps just having an idea of the location for the shoot.

To suffice, to keep things on track and achieve something worthwhile at the end of each photographic exercise, you need to plan!


2.     Predict the end goal of your shoot.

This tip is very closely tied to the first tip (Planning), as you can predict the end goal of your shoot only if you plan. It is important to know how the outcome is going to be.

For your photoshoot, your end goal should be having enough variety of photos in terms of poses, angles, and outfits.


3.     Good Lighting

For outdoor shoots, there are different lighting situations that you might encounter.

·     Soft morning light just before sunrise.

·     Warm afternoon sun especially when the sun is directly
above you.

·     Orange evening glow when the sun is about to set.

·     The blue hour when the sun has already set, yet the light particles are in the atmosphere.

Every type of light (natural or artificial) provides you with the opportunity to take photos.

Being able to understand these lighting situations and using them to your best advantage is all that matters.


4.     Get Familiar with the location of your shoot.

Scouting your photoshoot location ahead of time is a must-do and I highly recommend you do that.

Some fancy restaurants and bars don’t allow people in with cameras, so that is another thing you should research about before going to your desired photoshoot location to take pictures.
This would save you from stress and embarrassment.

It is also important that you plan for any weather-related mishap.
Should in case things don't go according to plan, have a plan B.
Come up with something else, and you would be glad you did.


5.     Relax, it’s just a photo.

From start to finish, if you know deep within that the photos you took are not even worthy of the gram, just chill. I mean, it’s a photo. Don’t be too hard on yourself honey.

 If it’s not working today, you can always try again some other time.


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