A career woman is a woman who regards her job with a high level of esteem and is progressing at it every day.

Any woman who works in an office would understand the struggles of picking an outfit on a daily bases. I mean, who has the time to get home really late, and start to fix an outfit for the next day.

 You are a career woman, and it is needful that your outfits are chic and comfortable, but more importantly, ideal for the job.

In a business organization where so much emphasis is laid on what you wear, it requires a lot more than just putting any clothing on. Like they say, dress well and you'll be addressed well.

 So how then do you intend to fix an outfit that is both chic and comfortable, but most ideal for the type of job you do?

In this article, I’ll be explaining some guidelines to follow and consider in selecting your work outfit.

       Create a work closet.


For the singular reason that you do not wear all the clothes you have in your wardrobe to the office, it is necessary to create a functional work closet. 

A work closet is an array of work clothes, shoes, and bags that are kept separate from the entire clothes in a wardrobe. Here are a few things to do when creating your work closet.

  • Separate all the button-up shirts you readily wear to the office. White button-up shirts are a common piece used in the business world, so it is expected that your white shirt be clean and clearly defined.

  • Keep your pants in one section and your skirts in another.

  • Hang up all your blazers in another section of the work closest.

  • Your bags and shoes should also be kept in another section of your work closet.

If the above guide does not catch you fancy, then you could just be a bad-ass by drawing up a work outfit-table. Simply plan by writing down outfits you would wear for the five working days. From on Monday down through Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays are great days to plan.

    Make sure your work clothes fit.


In pursuit of comfort, one major factor to note is how well your clothes fit. It may sound obvious, but many don’t get it right. 

Your work outfits are to strike a balance between “too big” and “too small”.

Ensure that every piece of clothing you wear fits properly. From your underwear to your skirts and pants, to your shirts and shoes, they all just have to fit right.

   Hair and Makeup must be on fleek!


Never –ever- leave your house with and unkempt hair or tacky makeup. 

It makes your colleagues and customers think you don’t have your life together and trust me, I doubt if your boss wants to see that.

 You are a career woman, and this is expected to reflect in your appearance. First impressions matter a lot.

Hair and makeup are integral parts of an outfit that most women don’t take cognizance of. 

When these two are ill-fitted, they ruin all the efforts you place in selecting your outfits. So, look good.


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