The simplest definition of the term layering in the fashion sphere refers to matching different clothes together to create an awesome, fashionable, and stylish look. This art of combing clothes to form layers can be used to generate a variety of outfits.

I love to call it art, because it involves a conscious and creative mind, in convergence with an organized persona focused on making beauty.

We cannot abolish the idea that layering is a seasonal trend. When the weather temperature drops, this style, in turn, becomes very trendy.
 Nonetheless, we have some fashion kings and queens who layer their outfits all year round, with less or no regard for the weather temperature. This signifies one thing: fashion is an outlet for expression.

 So, the proposition arises; how well are you expressing yourself through fashion? 

In this article, I’ll be showing you how you can layer your clothes without needing to sacrifice style/fashion.


Before diving right into some of the layering examples, we must know the function of each layer. This gives us better insight into the layering world.

Base Layer (inner layer): This layer consists of fabrics that wick precipitation/sweat from the body. Examples of such fabrics are cotton, linen, polyester, etc. 

Middle Layer (insulating layer): This layer consists of body temperature retaining fabrics and keeps the body from cold. Examples of such fabrics are wool and silk.

Shell Layer (outer layer): This final layer consists of fabrics that protect the body from rain and wind. Geo-tex is one of the most popular and renowned waterproof-breathable membranes.

The sweater is a staple piece that I believe we all have. A sweater serves as a base layer or as an inner layer. Your sweater must stand out in terms of colour, print, and fabric to make your overall outfit look edgy.

 Sweaters are best worn on sleeves, so ensure both sleeves and collar-neck peek out from your sweater.

A lot of people mistake a cardigan for a sweater and vice versa. Although we cannot deny the juxtaposition between these two staple pieces, there is still a fine line of difference between them.

The sweater is a general name for any knitted top, while a cardigan is a sweater with buttons or a zipper down the front area. Like the sweater, it’s also important that your cardigan stands out in terms of colour, pattern, and fabrics. 

Over-sized boyfriend cardigan and grandma cardigan are my favorite. You can pair your cardigan with a crew neck t-shirt that has a good solid color base that balances that of the cardigan. This hence creates a contrast between both staple pieces.

Jackets and coats when used to layer act as an insulator against the outside world when the weather temperature drops drastically. But more importantly, jackets and coats tie up your whole outfit together to give you a chic look.

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