In celebration of mother’s day that happened a few days ago, I figured why not an article for every kick-ass mums and aspiring to be mums out there. 

An article to remind all mothers that they are beautiful and even at pregnancy, they are still beautiful! 

Speaking of beauty, some pregnant mums are very much in the game of maintaining that.
 Not just beauty alone, also in what they wear and how they wear it.

 Despite the fact that they have another human living and breathing in them, they still give make-up and style lessons and trust me, the aspiring mums are learning. 

 This is validating one thing; you can be a pregnant mother and still look effortlessly gorgeous. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing some useful maternity fashion tips before purchasing your maternity clothing.

1.      Buy Pieces you can wear now and later.

I needed to make this the first idea because I know so many women would be like “oh, now that I’m pregnant, I would need to buy some really –really- big dresses and clothes’’. 

The question is, what happens after birth? Would you need to toss these extra-large dresses away? 

There is every tendency that few weeks after delivery, your weight drops. To further buttress that, according to my research, most women lose about 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms) during childbirth including the weight of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluids.

So why invest in clothes that won’t fit after child delivery?

 Avoid clothes that are waist-defining and seek for stretchy pieces. A-gown is a very good option when paired with statement earrings and necklaces. 
Wear a pair of embellished flats and you’re good to go out for that cute dinner.


2.      Create Your Own Pregnancy Closet.

Needing to look at all your outfits and go through them just to find a particular piece that fits can be somewhat frustrating.

Toward your delivery month, you would have little or no time to organize all the clothes in your closets.

 You would be having so many medical appointments with your doctors and other medical specialists.

So, creating a small pregnancy closet gives you a clearer and closer view of all your maternity outfits. Your pregnancy closet should contain a maximum of 30 pieces. 
Some of the pieces that should be in your pregnancy closet include, some maternity shirts, leggings, etc.


3.      Purchase Silhouettes that fits right.

Wearing outfits that have the same or similar silhouette and keeping these outfits consistent can simplify your maternity fashion approach.

 If A-gowns fit comfortably, then buy and wear them more, but maybe in different colour shades and different patterns.

 If a butterfly gown makes you comfortable, then yes…go for it! How comfortable you are in what you wear is all that matters.

4.       Comfortable foot-ware.

Embracing comfier, less vertiginous, and safer pairs of shoes is a worthwhile move. 

Although I’m no way saying you throw your personal style away, I suggest its best you keep it simple and sleek. You can still look beautiful and glory in a pair of sneakers or flat boots.


5.      Choose Maternity Denim.

Pregnancy jeans and leggings are undeniable the best piece of clothing to add to your pregnancy closet.

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