Being prepared for pretty much anything in life is an aura that is associated with victory. 

Whether it be focusing on having a distinction in your math class or by setting and achieving your desired body goal, none of this would be possible if there is no preparation.
Not taking enough time to organize your thoughts and action would most likely lead you to a place called nowhere

Organization skills are great characteristics portrayed by a person who is truly ready for success.
This organization skill cuts into how you pack your bags and head out the door for a good Saturday workout session. 

Are the necessary items for having a productive work out session in your bag? Are you ready to switch up your routines when the need arises?

In this article, I listed some of the essentials that should always be in your gym bag whenever you’re heading to the gym.

1.       Deodorant.

It is very natural to precipitate when working out but let’s face it, sweat is not pretty. Always have a deodorant in your gym bag to apply before and after your workout session. This tends to build your self-esteem by preventing any lingering smell. 

Rexona Motion Sense Classic is one to the best deodorants to always keep in your gym bag.

2.       Dry Shampoo.


After an intense one hour/two hours workout, our hair becomes greasy and I believe we hate to see that.
Before leaving for the gym apply dry shampoo on your hair roots, this will help absorb excess sweat.

3.       Face Towel/wipes.


This is a must-have and as the name suggests it should be used on your face alone. A typical gym is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs floating from one person to another. Each pieces of equipment in the gym are also covered in germs, and this is due to the enormous number of persons who use it every day.

 Although some gym houses provide small towels and wipes to persons who use their services, it’s better to be on a safer side by having your towel in your gym bag.

4.      Water bottle.


The water bottle is an indispensable item that always has to be in your gym bag.

For the sake of staying hydrated during work out sessions we recommend that you buy reusable water bottles as they keep your water cold for long hours and they are also eco-friendly.

5.      Shampoo, conditioner, and soap.


If you intend on heading straight to the office after your workout session, then be sure to pack your shower essentials into your gym bag.  Make sure you pack everything you need to feel squeaky clean and fresh from head to toe.

6.       Hair Accessories.


Working out efficiently might be a challenge if you have a voluminous amount of hair falling on your face. So, the idea of having hair accessories in your gym bag is to help put your hair in place.

Hair accessories like bobby pins, hair clips, and rubber bands are should always be your gym bag.

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