“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe


Choosing the right pair of shoes for a particular occasion can be a little bit tasking. 
Imagine you find yourself in a boutique filled with shoes and don’t know which to buy. You say to yourself ‘they all look good and they pretty much perform the same function’.

Practically, they perform the same function, but are they the right pair of shoes for that special occasion?

We at the style hive have rounded up the most comfortable and chic shoes in order to save you from stress and time too.

Whether you’re going to work, a wedding, a party, a date, or even a funeral, each shoe strikes an equilibrium between your style and your comfort.

1.     Kitten Heels
Kitten heels are probably one of the most flattering shoes that provide femininity with a spark of glamour to your outfit. With its short and slender heel, this shoe option serves as an alternative shoe for women who find high heels uncomfortable.

Kitten Heels when paired with the right outfits can be worn every day to the office.



2.      Ballet Sandals
Considering the issue that excessive wear of heels makes the back ache and I doubt if we want that, a pair of flat ballet sandals come in very handy with no backaches. You can decide to wear them to any office event or just a fun party happening a few blocks from your area of residence.

Pair your flat ballet sandals with any comfortable clothing and you are ready to step out.

3.      Boots
Thigh-high boots are not just known for their stylish look but they also serve are a form of protection and shield for your foot and also your legs during cold seasons.  Boots come in different designs and colours all intending to suit your outfit.

Boots tend to add a high level of sophistication when paired with pencil fitted skirts and jeans.

4.      Sneakers
In my 10 Timeless Staples You Must Have article, I explained the necessity and importance of owning a pair of sneakers. Sneakers provide you with utmost satisfaction in terms of comfort and style.
Whether you are heading out to the gym or walking to get some supplies at the grocery shop, a pair of sneakers would never fail you.

Sneakers come in various designs and colours, matching any of your outfits.

5.      Wedge Heels
A wedge heel is the right pair of shoes to choose when planning for any formal event or party. When worn, they add to your height and are very comfortable compared to excruciating heels.



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