1.   Wrap Dress
The most flattering dress of all time ever made is the wrap dress. This dress stands out in terms of versatility, as it can be worn in the day and at night. Whether it’s a printed or monochromatic wrap dress, this dress is a must-have.

Styling Tip:
      Wrap dresses look stunning when they are paired with statement shoes like the simple black pumps. The v-neck of the dress allows you to add a bit of sparkly necklace. Carry a small to medium stand out bag to elevate and tie the whole outfit together.

2.   Pumps
Pumps in this context refer to high heels where the front of the toe is closed. A classic pair of black pumps will never fail you and your outfit. This kind of shoes are perfect for 9-to-5 and maybe a date night.

Styling Tip:
      Pair your pumps with a black pant or a simple dress. Pointed-toe-shoes are also good when paired with a jean because they make your legs look longer.

3.   Crisp White T-shirt
This is by far the most vital wardrobe essential that we must own. A white crew-neck t-shirt goes with everything. Blue jeans, pants, practically anything.

 It’s one staple that I can guarantee won’t fail when the need arises.

Styling Tip:
      For a more feminine go-to look, layer a strappy dress over a white t-shirt. Accessorize with a pair of sneakers, and some statement earrings and necklace to finish up the whole look.

If you want to keep it casual, tuck in your tee shirt into a pair of skinny jeans. Complete your look with a blazer and pair of sneakers.

4.   Blazers
Blazers are a really important piece for the business/office world. Blazers come in different sizes, patterns, and even colours.

Styling Tip:
      Blazers look good when paired with some straight pants and heels. You can also wear a blazer over a t-shirt, denim, and a pair of sneakers for a Friday look.

5.   Sensible Flats
A simple flat is an every day, everywhere, type of shoe as you move from the office to run errands and grocery shopping.

Styling Tip:
          For a formal occasion, go for a dress paired with an embellished flat shoe.

6.   White Sneakers
The need to own a pair of white chunky sneakers cannot be overemphasized. White sneakers give a little more pop when paired with the right ensemble.

Styling Tip
     For a laid-back cool look, wear a blue jean and a shirt jacket. Pair this ensemble with a white sneaker and you’re good to go.

7.   Little Black Dress
Just like the wrap-dress, a little black dress is a must-have. Really no other explanation can buttress the functionality of this dress.

Styling Tip:
     The first step to finding a perfect little black dress is to know your body. Knowing your body allows you to choose the silhouette that fits.

Also, go for a dress with a high neck-ling and a semi-modest length.

8.   Black Pants
Whether they are pencil-straight pants or tie-waist pants, a pair of black pants is one staple piece that is worth investing in.

Styling Tip:
    For a sophisticated 9-to-5 look, black pants are right when paired with a button-up shirt and a pair of stiletto shoes. 

Carry a stand out bag that matches the colour of your shoes. Accessorize your look with a simple necklace and earring.

9.   Skinny Blue Jean
Jeans are the most timeless staple piece ever. They are the perfect fit for casual outfits and go-to outfits when paired with the right ensemble.

Styling Tip:
     Pair your jeans with a white a long-sleeved button-up shirt for a casual look. For a more relaxed look, pair your jeans with a white crew-neck t-shirt and white sneaker.

10.         Knee-length Skirt
For a casual office look, knee-length skirts paired with a button-up shirt are a win-win.

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