14 Questions With Fashion And Style Influencer; Dolapo Awoniyi.

1) Important deets about you😁. (Any Important Information You Would Like To Share, Including Your Blog's Link if any)

A - My full name is Awoniyi Adedolapo Oluwadamilola.
I live in the city of Ibadan.
I am a fashion and style influencer, which means I basically get paid to advertise clothes for designer brands; especially Nigerian brands, by creating a great content and styling the outfit in any way I deem fit.

2. THREE Fashion Items You Can't Live Without/ Every Girl Must Have?

A -  Handbags, earrings and a nice weave

H & M

3. Your Current Go-To Everyday Makeup Look?

A - The only time I get to do a full makeover is when I have an event and a photoshoot but for other regular days powder and lipgloss is my go to.

4. Love Or An Unlimited Supply Of Clothes?
A - I already have an unlimited supply of clothes ( not bragging ) but I will always choose love.

5. One DIY Style Hack You Think Anyone Should Try?

A - You can never go wrong in a little black dress

Shop This Look Via NastyGal

6. FIVE Surprising Items In Your Handbag   

A - Well I do not have any Surprising item in my hand bag but I always have in my hand bag , my phone, earpiece, purse, a book and key to the house.

7. Coolest Thing You’ve Done So Far   

A - Well I do not know if this will pass for the coolest thing I have done so far but it's going to another city for a photoshoot because I wanted that particular location for just an outfit.

8. Your Most Embarrassing Fashion Mistake/Cringeworthy Fashion Moment?

A - My most embarrassing  fashion mistake would be pairing a rubber sandal on a dinner gown to a date because I wanted to feel comfortable.

9. ONE Thing Your Followers/Readers Would Be Surprised To Hear.
A - That I am an academic.
I hardly go out.
I am not as extroverted as I look.

10. Favorite Eat-Out Spot
A - I currently do not have because I hardly eat out.

11. Celebrity Crush
A - I do not have one.

12. Your Secret Daily Skin Regime
A -  I honestly do not have any.
I just make sure I take enough water, clean up and stick to a particular skin product.

13. THREE Tools In Your Makeup Kit You Can Never Ever Be Without.
A - Powder, Eye pencil and Lipgloss

14. Fitness Advice?
A - Eat healthy!

Check out more pictures of Dolapo below:
You can also keep up with her on Instagram ---> HERE

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