9 Reasons Daliah From Burkina Faso, Is Our Style Influencer For The Week! Plus She Gives Us 1 Important DIY Hack!

1. Important Deets About You😁.
(Any Important Information You Would Like To Share, Including Your Blog's Link If Any) 

A - My name is Daliah!
I am currently a college student majoring in Communications. I love fashion and being stylish!
My Instagram is  @daliahh_, which I describe as being a “curation of fashion and my lifestyle.

2. THREE Fashion Items You Can't Live Without/ Every Girl Must Have 

- Bodycon dress (Lulus)
- Plain black heels (Missguided
- A denim jacket (She In)

3. Your Current Go-To Everyday Makeup Look? 

A - My current Go-To Everyday Makeup look is natural makeup!
Foundation, a little bit of eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss, false eyelashes! 

4. Love Or An Unlimited Supply Of Clothes? 
A - Love! I’m really a hopeless romantic. 

5. One DIY Style Hack You Think Anyone Should Try? 

A - Buttoning your jean jacket off the shoulder!
It’ll give your whole outfit a different look.
Image Credit - Fashion Is My Forte 

6. Coolest Thing You’ve Done So Far 

A - Learn American Sign Language!

7. ONE Thing Your Followers/Readers Would Be Surprised To Hear. 

A - I try on my clothes/ outfits 3/4 times before the event I have to go to. 😂 

8. Celebrity Crush 

A - Joey B (Ghanaian Artist) 

9. Best Thing That's Happened To You This Year (So Far)

A - Me finally pursing to start my Instagram fashion/lifestyle blog! 

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