Serena Williams Goes Unretouched For The August 2019 Issue Of @harpersbazaarus

She Says
“I’ve been called every name in the book.
I’ve been shamed because of my body shape. I’ve been paid unequally because of my sex. I’ve been penalized a game in the final of a Major because I expressed my opinion or grunted too loudly...And these are only the things that are seen by the public. In short, it’s never been easy. But then I think of the next girl who is going to come along who looks like me, and I hope, ‘Maybe, just maybe, my voice will help her.’”

Photography By - @alexilubomirski
Styling By - @menamorado
Hair By - @vernonfrancois
Makeup By - @tyronmachhausen
#SerenaWilliams Wears @ralphlauren, @bulgariofficial And @louboutinworld

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