The Journey To Self; Chronicles Of A Self Love Enthusiast (Part 7) - Let Me Tell You About My Worst Date Ever/So Far!

I Recently Had A Horrible First Date; The Kind Where You Meet A Person Who Bitches NON Stop For Like An Hour Or More, Because Of "What You Wore", and I bore This For Some Valid Reasons, one being that I felt the need to waste a bit of time to cover up for the money I had wasted to and fro in advance.

I Asked For A Dress Code; "Come Casual/Chilled/Nice, For Lounging", And Tbh, In My Head I Was Appropriately Dressed For The Part (Not So Much Of An Outgoer), With Slides, Which I Communicated To This Person BTW, (My Truth >>>>)";
Leave Home, Almost At This Destination, Only To Get Informed Impromptu By The Date, About A Different Location (Red Flag), By The Time I Was Literally Minutes Closer.

Now What I Wore (Pants, Kimono, Inner) Was Clearly Not Situable For This Next Location, I Knew This; But I Mean, What Could I Do At That Point?
I Continued My Journey Anyway! Duh!

I Get There, Date Comes To Try To Get Me In, They Bounce Me Yo! Before I Could Let Them Bounce Me. (Whatever This Means).
I Mean I Sharply Do A U-Turn Like Ooookay! No Time!(Like It's Not My Father They Will Dramatise Today)

Now, Human Being Went To Talking About "I've Seen Your Blog, Your Instagram (No He Never Has, But That's Not The Point) I've Seen Blabla, This Outfit Is Not It.., Are You A Kid? Inferiority This That, There Are Girls Who Blabla", I Mean I Heard What No Idiot Has Ever Had A Reason, To Say To Me, In One Night!

And Tbh, Even Though Everything Was Funny To Me In The Moment, All I Could Think Of Was Woooow, This Motherfucker Is EM-PTY!!! (You Better Leave); Looking For Someone To Boost His Empty Ego, And I Mean, Sigh, Long Story Short, Let's Just Say The Night Ended With Me Safely Disappearing Home!
I Was Lucky! Believe me when I say I still feel lucky!
(I Wish I Was Exaggerating)

The Essence Of My long write up Is Wow, Social media/ Instagram and co, are Really Just Pictures!
The Pressure From Social Media Is Real;
And You Are Definitely On A Different Level Of Consciousness, If You Can't "See" People!
If you cannot see beyond pictures.

What are your worst date experiences?
Do share with me

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