Movie Review - LionHeart

Synopsis - In order to save her father's ailing bus company, competent but perennially overlooked Adaeze must find a way to work alongside feckless uncle Godswill, in the sharp and comically observed directorial debut from Nollywood star Genevieve Nnaji.
Initial release: 7 September 2018

I got to the cinema feeling all bleh, and really not exactly decisive on what I wanted to watch. Definitely didn't feel like "Aquaman" either, and then we see there's Lionheart too.
Like the synopsis of Lionheart didn't feel that enticing at all, but then since it seemed like the better option out of all the movies scheduled to show that day, I skeptically convince my siblings to choose to see Lionheart with me (Plus I mean the movie had gotten my attention via its publicity, coupled with the fact that I loveeeee Genevieve).

We get into the cinema, after being hurldled in and squeezed like sardines (like it was shocking how much people came out to the cinema, especially with the fact that my/our assumption was since it was 2 days after Christmas, the cinema would be free, but boy were we in for a shock!)
Anyway, we hurry in and quickly find best seats and then settle in with Popcorn and our drinks;
And boom, movie starts.

Huge screen, sound quality (Duh!), first scene, facial expressions on the faces of the actors, the Igbo language-d parts, and subtitles and we go all, Ooookay, this looks interesting already!
Shoot to properly see the locations used and, sigh, Class!

We get thrown into the world of hardworking Adaeze, who definitely understandably in today's world, disappointingly feels like her father, who just had a stroke, definitely does not think she is good enough (she'd be surprised how much faith her Father has/had in her), because she is a woman, to be the acting MD;
As we watch in beautiful suspense, why her Father chooses his brother to assist her as the Acting MD.

I mean at this point, we already feel like he is going to be some bad horrible stereotypical Uncle to her (thank you to old Nollywood movies Hehe), butttttt, he turns out to humorously surprise us!
It was beautiful to watch!

Then what about the power of family? The beautiful dynamic in this movie?
Showing how much having a great support system in the form of a family, is a huge value? Mothers definitely don't play with their boys! Lol

Then how about that one ex that can like to have our mumu button?
I meannn, we get to see the typical stuff really, that women culturally go either through; the snide marriage talks and advice from family, the assumption that every man a woman is with, has to be her husband or boyfriend (Like can I live? Hehe)
Or the belittling of the woman, in certain situations' like reallyyy? so I'm just a rice to you? Smh!
Oh so detailed and beautifully captured!
So relatable!

Then what about that scene with Genevieve's winning powerful stance behind her Father?
Eyyyyy BAWSE!!!
*Throws hands in the air*
Blewwww me away!

Also costuming/Wardrobe? Whew!
Casting nko?
Then Music?
Can't even remember at this point, because clearly the music was definitely not distracting and suited each scene! Yup!

Just Great job!

Which cinematic Nigerian movie has blown me away like this?
Especially as it's Genevieve's directorial debut!
She learn work!

Like in essence ehn, the scenery, the acting, the storyline, everything!
The food!
The culture!
The woman in charge theme!
The Ego (money!!)
The way this movie was captured in details ehn!

Genevieve Nnaji Oh!!😭🔥❤
I so would like to watch again

Also, I definitely need to be on my way to Kano asap, to find my own "Hamza"! Because, *inserts lovestruck smiley*
(Did I mention even the tribalistic Hausa vs Igbo thing we all literally know exists in Nigeria, was included in the script writing? See what I mean when I say this movie was detailed?) Plus Boy!
Who knew Kano was this beautiful?
Guess who would now love to visit because of the movie? Yup Me!

Wo, let me not spoil this movie too much for you people with this rushed review,
Just know that if you are looking for an absolute feel good movie, the type that made people have no choice but sit on the staircase to watch N2000 feem (that's how jampacked/filled up the cinema hall was), that will leave you feeling proudly Igbo and/or Nigerian, and most importantly, more proud to be a woman; feeling #Extracharged to well, becoming a powerful woman? Then this movie is for you!
Because these people did their homeworks well!

Rating - 10/10 Haha! I mean! Netflix bought this movie y'alllll!

What do you think about this review? Do let us know.

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