Trends - What's Up For 2016?

Hi guys!

It's the 10th day of the new year already.
How awesome has it been? I'm guessing MEGA! and if it's not that, it's definitely better.

What have you been up to?
Our "stylehood" has taken what steps in leading a glamorous 2016?

Are we bringing fresh ideas from the oven or are we ripping something else, but not our jeans,this time?

Well, whatever 2016 holds out in haute couture, the style books of 2015 can't be left out.

Our old hair-styles, shoes, clothes have all been modified to form trends of their own.

For instance, the braids that we did in the regular black and brown have now transited to being more fun and colour friendly. 
An exploration of green, red, white and my favorite -grey.

What trends will be staying and what trends wouldn't?
Do the crop tops still stand a chance this year or did we over do them the past year?

Are the block heels running back to the past or will they last for a short while?

And as for our men who have carved their niche in fashion, will their shorts keep getting shorter so we see more of those hairy legs?

Whatever the answers are to these questions, 2016 promises a whole set of surprises for us because there's no stopping the creative hubs,so don't forget to embrace the fabulousity of 2016.

On this note people, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the year.

Get prepared for the vogue line-up and let's set our own trends, for there's a bit of creativity in all of us.

...Any last words?

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