Trend To Try - How To Wear A Culotte

The culotte is basically a pair of wide legged pants or voluminous pants per say, and is one of this year's trends.

Even though the Culotte might seem unwearable or hard to style, the good news is it actually is quite easy to style as long as you follow these few tips.

So whether you are petite or lanky or curvy, you can actually wear/own a pair or pairs of culottes. 
Really you say? Well yeah :)

  • The first step is to think of it as an A-line skirt only in form of a pant. Much better? Great!

An A line skirt

Normally, with an A line skirt, you can pair with a tucked in blouse or a crop top for example, hence, same can be done with a pair of culottes.
You can get them in basic colours such as black, navy blue, brown to get easily started.
Before venturing into prints and coloured culottes.

Here's a basic example of a culotte I created/styled, using the application "Polyvore".

  • Having figured how easy it can be styling your culotte, the next tip is to figure out where your "mid calf" is, because that is the best place for your culottes to fall/best length for your cullotes.

Your mid calf is basically halfway between your knee and ankle.

If you are petite, go for a pair that falls right below your knees. Why? It'd help create the illusion of "longer legs". Besides you don't want your culotte looking like it's "swallowing" you up.

  • Choosing which pair of shoes to rock with your culotte is quite easy too.

Awesome looking shoes are a must for well put together outfits. And your culotte is no exception.
The eyes are definitely going to be drawn to your legs, and what better way to show them off than rock a pair of fab shoes?

For the culotte beginner, a pair of sleek lady like pumps with slim heels is the way to go. Never can go wrong in these. They help create the illusion of height.

But for the advance culotte wearer, you definitely can go for more daring options e.g booties and thick heeled platforms. Just like in this other example I created.

  • While culottes come in varying lengths and widths, they are usually high waisted,  which means they are better off paired with shorter tops so your mid section doesn't end up looking wider than it is.

It doesn't necessarily have to be paired with a crop top, but one that falls above your hip.
You can even pair with a tucked in blouse for an office look.

Which ever way you choose to rock yours, just put in mind your comfort and with these few tips, you'd be very ready to wow!.

So what do you think?
Would you be rocking or buying a pair of culotte soon?

And if you are still indecisive,
Here are pictures of paired culottes to change your mind maybe. :)

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner (Right)

Nicole Richie is casual in her Culotte

Emily Wickersham

Gigi Hadid (Right)

Julianne Hough

Erin O'connor

 photo ff5663f2-1ee7-48cd-8d8b-3da93f5e213f_zps1bef1833.png

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  1. nice one dear!
    do you know any online store in Nigeria that sells?
    quite hard to find


    1. True!. Check dear, or check Jumia, and type "culotte" in their search boxes. Something might pop up.
      Thank you for stopping by dear!

  2. nice article Alero , pic collection are beautiful
    we have culotte on


  3. Lovely! I want them all.. too classy

  4. hmmmmm...interesting outfit idea. I once had a jean like that...I wasn't a blogger then and didn't know how to style it. I gave it out.


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