Trend To Try: The Choker Necklace (How To Wear It)

The choker necklace is another of the 90's trend that has come back into fashion, specifically 2015, asides crop tops, ripped jeans, overalls etc. 

And we love it!

A Choker necklace or neckpiece is basically "a necklace that fits tightly around the neck; doesn't neccessarily drape down to the chest or collarbone but sits around the throat like a collar".

The choker necklace is one of those accessories that you cannot go wrong in, and you know the amazing thing? 

Almost all women can wear one. "Almost" because it might not be flattering on the lady who has any of the following; a short neck, round neck, round face and full bust, just because chokers draw attention to the face and the neckline basically. 
And you might not want that.

One of the basic things to ensure when wearing a choker is; it shouldn't compete with a busy neckline.

Choker necklaces can be won to virtually anywhere and with anything, yes even to the office, as long as they are won/paired right. 

They make bold statements on the wearer depending on what they are made of, and are of varying types. 
They can also be won with a pile of other thin necklaces like this;

However you like it.

Keep in mind that a black choker necklace can be easily won with anything, because it is neutral

And please remember that "The key in wearing a choker is to provide the right attention to the neckline. So therefore, if you do not want to draw attention to that area, then avoid wearing a choker".

That said, what do you think about chokers?
You like?

 photo ff5663f2-1ee7-48cd-8d8b-3da93f5e213f_zps1bef1833.png

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  1. Mehn these pieces are just too classyyyyy

  2. These are awesome!! who is the girl in the last pic the one looks like Cinderella


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