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What is/are brogues?

They were originally men's shoes.
It'd be interesting to note that they originated from Scotland and Ireland and were originally created to be worn on wet/spongy landscapes, with perforations on the upper piece to enable water seep out. Brogues can now also be worn by women too though; meaning there are female brogue versions.

Essentially, they are leather/patent/suede shoes that are basically characterised by (not all brogues though);
  • Low heels 
  • Decorative perforations or broguing on the upper pieces of the shoes
  • Presence of toe caps
  • Presence of heel caps
  • Presence of lace panels.

So now that we know how brogues look like and what they are, I'm going to give styling tips on how you can wear them; both male and female.
Here we go;

Because brogues are generally quite versatile in nature, they can be paired with literally any attire; informal or formal, as long as they are worn rghtly. So a pair of brogues is kind of like a necessity for every fashion forward male.
Before the styling tips, it'd also please you to know other details about your brogues, because different brogue styles tend to better suit some certain outfits than others.
  • There are four basic types of brogues; 
Full or Wingtip: Have the most level of detailing on the leather. They have a pointed toe cap which usually resemble letter "M or W", when viewed from above or depending on the viewpoint. The name also comes from the fact that the wings resemble spread wings of a bird. They also have decorative perforations along the edges and center of the toe cap (known as Medallion)
Semi or Half Brogues: Detailing is mostly found on the cap. They have toe caps and do not have extensions or wings. They have decorative perforations or broguing along the cap's sides, and have a medallion.

 Quarter Brogues: They are very similar to half brogues, but have broguing only along the cap's edges and not anywhere else/less detailing. They also have no medallion.

Longwing Brogues: They have pointed toecaps and longwings effected by the "W" shape design.

  • Brogues were originally casual shoes 
  • Brogues feature a variety of closure styles or lacing systems (Oxfords or close lacing, Derby or open lacing, Monk straps, loafers, Slip on system, Boots;with or without laces)
Now that the you know the different brogues available, you can understand the styling tips below:
  • Your entire outfit is basically what determines the style and shade of leather you wear. i.e You must not choose your brogues without thinking of your entire outfit.
  • Brogues come in different colours, most popularly brown, black, white and white with black.
  • Never wear a brown pair of brogues to the office. Men's black brogue shoes are the smartest style and are perfect for the most formal occasions including business meetings and smart office dress codes. Brown brogues are better suited with casual clothings such as chino trousers. 
  • How you pair your Brogues with your trousers depends on the colour. Black and dark brown Brogues go with dark trousers, jeans or corduroys. However, tan and light brown Brogues should be paired with light trousers, jeans or corduroys. Also, wear trousers that fit you properly.
  • The slimmer your trouser, the slimmer you will want your brogue, as some pieces are very chunky. So chunky shoes are a big no with skinny jeans. Slim men's brogues look best with slim fit suit or pinstripe suit
  • Since brogue shoes come in either leather, patent,or more recently suede forms, it is worthy of note that Suede Brogues are a much more casual piece of footwear and are available in a wider range of different colours.
  • Finally, if you are not sure which brogue to wear, always remember these; go with a pair that has less detail in the leather, black leather brogues always with suits, and suede brogues are perfect for casual outfits.


The brogue footwear is increasingly becoming a popular shoe choice for women, because of its super comfy and of course its versatility. It is also perfect for creating an androgynous look.
  •  Always flash a bit of ankle when you are wearing brogues. Wear with above-the-knee skirts, dresses, shorts or cropped pants, and you’ll get a good balance and sense of proportion in your outfit.
  • You can wear your pair of brogues with a dress, to give it a feminine twist. It is definitely all about wearing them with confidence. So if you think you can pull this look off, go right ahead.

  • Tan or Nude brogues will definitely give the illusion of long legs/elongate your legs.
  • Team with boyfriend blazers and jeans for sophisticated tomboy appeal. This can be a look you put together for work.

  • Balance the masculinity of this shoe with feminine touches; pretty jewelry, bright lipstick, floral prints, layers of soft pastels, feminine scarf etc. 
  •  For a tuxedo style, Pair black patent brogues with a slim fitting tuxedo pants, a crisp white shirt, and fitted blazer
  • You can never go wrong with a pair of brogues for a casual outing. All about being comfortably dressed.
  •  If you like your outfits to be a bit more eclectic, why not try teaming your brogues with maxi length skirts or dresses?
  •  Don't forget female brogues come in various colours and forms, so therefore you can decide to be daring by rocking different colours and of course "heeled brogues"

Finally, what are your thoughts on brogues? Love or Nah?

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  1. gosh i want that maroon coloured shoe dont care if its not my size..lool

  2. honestly, from the beginning of this post i didn't like this shoe and i was already thinking in my mind that i will never catch my boyfriend dead wearing this[basically the male version], but the female brogues is so beautiful and i can possibly rock that anywhere anytime. so nay to the male brogues and yay to the female brogues.

  3. i can,t really say much on this because i don,t like the shoes very much but i don,t mind trying them out .


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