How to Accessorize Different Necklines.

I have never really liked clothes/tops with "scoop necklines", basically because I almost always found it a little challenging, accessorising.

Normally, I'd rather wear long earrings with this sort of neckline, but then, long earrings are not always comfortable, and I'd eventually have to settle for a neck-piece and studs/small earrings.
Scoop neckline below;

My accessorising just never felt right, even the neck-pieces I'd end up using.
So a while back it suddenly clicked that I could actually do a little research, and I stumbled on a website that beautifully explained how to accessorise different necklines, and I decided to share with you guys.

Here it goes;

First off, you need to consider what kind of event or occasion you are dressing up for, in order to know what accessories are appropriate for which neckline.
With that out of the way, you can go ahead.

Below are different pictures showing different types of necklines and accessories that fit.

You basically have to note that whatever accessory you want to pair with a V-neck, should be one that would end mid-chest, so the attention would be drawn more to your face.

The Turtle Neck
Almost any and every neck-piece can go with this neckline, so have fun.

The Scoop Neck
Just like the V-neck, you can either decide that the neck-pieces have to stop mid chest or wear long necklaces.

The Boat Neck
Never wear short necklaces with this neckline, as it would interfere with the neckline. Long necklaces are the best with this neckline.

The Square Neck
Do not wear an angular necklace with this neck line. Instead, pair with a choker necklace or a pearl string that would just sit along your neck.

The Cowl Neck
Because this neck line is "dramatic", it is best to either wear a small pendant necklace, or keep it simple by not wearing any necklace at all. Avoid chunky or long neck pieces.

The Strapless Neck
You can either accessorise with grand choker necklaces, short necklaces or long layered necklaces,as your shoulders are bare. Just make sure not to pair with a busy top or dress, so they do not clash.

The Round Neck
These are also easy to accessorise, just like turtle necks. If the neck is high, go for long necklaces, if the neck is low, go for short necklaces that are round like the neckline/resemble the neckline.

Asymmetric Neck
Chokers or pretty long necklaces, will work with this neckline.

The Button Down Shirt
Chokers or short necklaces for serious looks, and long necklaces if you are aiming for a playful look.

The Buttoned Up Shirt
A bib necklace is perfect for this look, or something that sits close to the collars.
 photo a7ec38bc-50c8-4170-a850-1cc8d45ab797_zps0381c999.png

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  1. Good to know. I am not an accessory person per say but I think this is a good research. I'll have it in mind when I consider using one.

  2. nice work. always having trouble accessorizing too and that's why i never bother using accessories. But with this, i can try accessorizing again

  3. this just confirms my outfit for tomorrow. whoop! whoop!


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