How to wear "Nude"

Like the previous post on sheer, "nude" is similar.
In this case, nude is a type of colour that resembles one's skin, thus giving a natural look.

Which means anyone can basically wear "nude", regardless of skin tone/colour.

Nude colour tends to trick or create the illusion that the wearer is "naked", especially when mixed with "sheer fabric" or "lace" ( in my own opinion/from what I have noticed). So the next time you think your favorite celebrity has committed a fashion blunder by going out naked, look twice. The likelihoods that they are wearing nude-coloured garments are high, or well, unless they decide to be "gaga".

I totally totally love how Britney rocked nude tastefully.
Nude is a fantastic colour and can be paired with anything, which is what I love about it.

  • A nude pump/shoe is a MUST have ( just like a little black dress is a must have) for every wardrobe, because it goes with everything. So when in doubt about what shoe to wear, pick a nude shoe.
  • Pair nude with white for a sophisticated look, and you can also pair nude with prints; floral patterns, leopards, colours
  • Pair nude with black. You can never go wrong with black, same with nude.

  • Don't wear tight garments if nude is your color of choice. This will ultimately make you look naked, plain and ordinary. Go for a refined look by choosing loose clothing, dresses, skirts and tops that give the impression of floating. (Article Source:
  • Nude can be paired with two different prints.

  • Dark tones of nude make a perfect match for women with dark colored skin complexion, while light nudes are just great with fair-skinned women. If you have an extremely pale skin, then go for rosy tones.Pick the one that is 3-4 shades lighter/darker of your skin color. 

  • If you are going to go nude all over, wear separates in slightly different textures and complementary tones of nude so as not to look too monochromatic or washed out. Best to put the garment you are considering next to your skin to see how it goes with your individual complexion.

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  1. cool colours......need to get some for myself

  2. Love how you've shown us nude color to be anything but basic


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