Welcome To Fashion Maths Class, Featuring Ini Edo!

Did You Know, that Crystals + Fringes = Brown Sugar 💯?
Well, check out this style inspiration icely served to us by Nollywood actor; Ini Edo.

A1 right?

Outfit By - @hopebykikiokewale
Hair Stylist -  @segungbabyface
Makeup - @hanahfacialsmakeover
Photography - @praiselens
Purse - @bottegaveneta
Shoes - @azzedinealaiaofficial

Our Top 3 Fashion Looks On Cardi B - The Style Hive Picks! (October)

First of all, if anyone deserves all the accolades for Cardi B's red carpet lewks, it's her stylist Kollin Carter.
He's been doing such an amazing job clothing her, that all looks styled by him, of her, have been hits back to back.

Check out 3 of our fave recent looks of her below:
What are your thoughts and which is your fave out of the 3?

1st Picture -
Dress -.@nicolasjebranworld
Earrings - @queenpee
Photography - @tomasherold

2nd Picture -
@iamcardib For Vogue Forces of Fashion, Wearing SS20 @sally_lapointe Suit & Mesh Top
Shoes - @louboutinworld
Photographed By - @thehapablonde

3rd Picture
@thombrowneny Archive Pump

10 "Fierce-Tastic" Reasons To Get/Wear A Headgear Today!

Who Knew Wearing Hats Could Look This Peng?
Scroll Down To Check For 10 Beautiful Stylish Inspirations We Have Carefully Curated Just For You, From The One And Only Curvaceous @sarleamah!

Accessorizing Just Got More Interesting!

Which Headgear Is Your Favorite?

Nola Black Presents, Pendulum, Pre-season 2020 Campaign

Nola Black presents Pendulum, pre-season 2020 collection.

This collection was inspired by the fast-paced evolution of the ideas and ideologies that govern our times.

Specifically looking through the millennial experience, the collection is stirred by the transformation/shift from a time seemingly riddled with singularity to an era arguably suffering from a crisis of meaning.

Inspired by the many social, political and changes, the collection features quirky clothing that is true to the core of the brand and abundant in social references from the new and the old.

Drawing from the movement of a pendulum, the collection elaborates on how we establish equilibrium living through the extremes.


I am caught in between two worlds merging, thoroughly experiencing the consequences of eras shifting. Looped by the causes and effects, I am witnessing times changing. 

Constantly traversing the crisis of meaning, sailing loud noises forming silence, the friction is crushing. I see the assemblage of new things formed from a hollow in the earth, consuming, swallowing. 

We are world citizens, the mid ridge between the eyes, the third witness, watching. Bodies against boundaries, wading upstream, in numbers unseen, shadowed onward to repose. I am country, place to many, warm to none, home is the mind. 

I am extremes oscillating. With a conflict of complexes, I am the schism. I am the times thinking fast, moving slow.

I am a pendulum, swinging here, hanging, swaying there


Watch Jennifer Lopez Shut It Down, As She Brings Back The Iconic Jungle Print Dress To Celebrate Versace's 20th Anniversary

JLo Wore A Remake Of Her Versace Dress That Inspired The Creation Of #GoogleImages, As She Closed The Versace Spring 2020 Show During The Milan Fashion Week Last Night.

Credit - @laurabrown99 @bellanaijaonline 

February 2000 Vs September 2019