“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe


Choosing the right pair of shoes for a particular occasion can be a little bit tasking. 
Imagine you find yourself in a boutique filled with shoes and don’t know which to buy. You say to yourself ‘they all look good and they pretty much perform the same function’.

Practically, they perform the same function, but are they the right pair of shoes for that special occasion?

We at the style hive have rounded up the most comfortable and chic shoes in order to save you from stress and time too.

Whether you’re going to work, a wedding, a party, a date, or even a funeral, each shoe strikes an equilibrium between your style and your comfort.

1.     Kitten Heels
Kitten heels are probably one of the most flattering shoes that provide femininity with a spark of glamour to your outfit. With its short and slender heel, this shoe option serves as an alternative shoe for women who find high heels uncomfortable.

Kitten Heels when paired with the right outfits can be worn every day to the office.



2.      Ballet Sandals
Considering the issue that excessive wear of heels makes the back ache and I doubt if we want that, a pair of flat ballet sandals come in very handy with no backaches. You can decide to wear them to any office event or just a fun party happening a few blocks from your area of residence.

Pair your flat ballet sandals with any comfortable clothing and you are ready to step out.

3.      Boots
Thigh-high boots are not just known for their stylish look but they also serve are a form of protection and shield for your foot and also your legs during cold seasons.  Boots come in different designs and colours all intending to suit your outfit.

Boots tend to add a high level of sophistication when paired with pencil fitted skirts and jeans.

4.      Sneakers
In my 10 Timeless Staples You Must Have article, I explained the necessity and importance of owning a pair of sneakers. Sneakers provide you with utmost satisfaction in terms of comfort and style.
Whether you are heading out to the gym or walking to get some supplies at the grocery shop, a pair of sneakers would never fail you.

Sneakers come in various designs and colours, matching any of your outfits.

5.      Wedge Heels
A wedge heel is the right pair of shoes to choose when planning for any formal event or party. When worn, they add to your height and are very comfortable compared to excruciating heels.



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Having an excellent photoshoot is not dependent on the camera used or the photographer who takes the photos. Although we cannot deny the fact that those photos were taken with quality cameras by professionals often turn out well and so, you need a good camera and a boyfriend named Alex who takes amazing photos, to begin with.

To be honest, these are not just the only factors and criteria for mind-blowing photoshoots. 
That is why in this article, I made a list of some of the things you should take note of before going for any photoshoot.

Now, if you are single -like me-, you might need to ask your neighbor or a friend to be your photographer for that moment. But if you have no one around, use a self-timer and tripod. At least your tripod stand would not complain. I love to take my photos with the self-timer feature on my phone and a tripod. Whichever way you are taking your photos, the lists below are still applicable.

1.     Plan

In my previous post, I highlighted some importance of organization and preparation, and how they affect our performances as humans; and so if you are going to have an excellent photoshoot then you would definitely need to plan it;
e.g maybe testing to see if an outfit fits properly and making adjustments if need be, or perhaps just having an idea of the location for the shoot.

To suffice, to keep things on track and achieve something worthwhile at the end of each photographic exercise, you need to plan!


2.     Predict the end goal of your shoot.

This tip is very closely tied to the first tip (Planning), as you can predict the end goal of your shoot only if you plan. It is important to know how the outcome is going to be.

For your photoshoot, your end goal should be having enough variety of photos in terms of poses, angles, and outfits.


3.     Good Lighting

For outdoor shoots, there are different lighting situations that you might encounter.

·     Soft morning light just before sunrise.

·     Warm afternoon sun especially when the sun is directly
above you.

·     Orange evening glow when the sun is about to set.

·     The blue hour when the sun has already set, yet the light particles are in the atmosphere.

Every type of light (natural or artificial) provides you with the opportunity to take photos.

Being able to understand these lighting situations and using them to your best advantage is all that matters.


4.     Get Familiar with the location of your shoot.

Scouting your photoshoot location ahead of time is a must-do and I highly recommend you do that.

Some fancy restaurants and bars don’t allow people in with cameras, so that is another thing you should research about before going to your desired photoshoot location to take pictures.
This would save you from stress and embarrassment.

It is also important that you plan for any weather-related mishap.
Should in case things don't go according to plan, have a plan B.
Come up with something else, and you would be glad you did.


5.     Relax, it’s just a photo.

From start to finish, if you know deep within that the photos you took are not even worthy of the gram, just chill. I mean, it’s a photo. Don’t be too hard on yourself honey.

 If it’s not working today, you can always try again some other time.


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Being prepared for pretty much anything in life is an aura that is associated with victory. 

Whether it be focusing on having a distinction in your math class or by setting and achieving your desired body goal, none of this would be possible if there is no preparation.
Not taking enough time to organize your thoughts and action would most likely lead you to a place called nowhere

Organization skills are great characteristics portrayed by a person who is truly ready for success.
This organization skill cuts into how you pack your bags and head out the door for a good Saturday workout session. 

Are the necessary items for having a productive work out session in your bag? Are you ready to switch up your routines when the need arises?

In this article, I listed some of the essentials that should always be in your gym bag whenever you’re heading to the gym.

1.       Deodorant.

It is very natural to precipitate when working out but let’s face it, sweat is not pretty. Always have a deodorant in your gym bag to apply before and after your workout session. This tends to build your self-esteem by preventing any lingering smell. 

Rexona Motion Sense Classic is one to the best deodorants to always keep in your gym bag.

2.       Dry Shampoo.


After an intense one hour/two hours workout, our hair becomes greasy and I believe we hate to see that.
Before leaving for the gym apply dry shampoo on your hair roots, this will help absorb excess sweat.

3.       Face Towel/wipes.


This is a must-have and as the name suggests it should be used on your face alone. A typical gym is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs floating from one person to another. Each pieces of equipment in the gym are also covered in germs, and this is due to the enormous number of persons who use it every day.

 Although some gym houses provide small towels and wipes to persons who use their services, it’s better to be on a safer side by having your towel in your gym bag.

4.      Water bottle.


The water bottle is an indispensable item that always has to be in your gym bag.

For the sake of staying hydrated during work out sessions we recommend that you buy reusable water bottles as they keep your water cold for long hours and they are also eco-friendly.

5.      Shampoo, conditioner, and soap.


If you intend on heading straight to the office after your workout session, then be sure to pack your shower essentials into your gym bag.  Make sure you pack everything you need to feel squeaky clean and fresh from head to toe.

6.       Hair Accessories.


Working out efficiently might be a challenge if you have a voluminous amount of hair falling on your face. So, the idea of having hair accessories in your gym bag is to help put your hair in place.

Hair accessories like bobby pins, hair clips, and rubber bands are should always be your gym bag.

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A career woman is a woman who regards her job with a high level of esteem and is progressing at it every day.

Any woman who works in an office would understand the struggles of picking an outfit on a daily bases. I mean, who has the time to get home really late, and start to fix an outfit for the next day.

 You are a career woman, and it is needful that your outfits are chic and comfortable, but more importantly, ideal for the job.

In a business organization where so much emphasis is laid on what you wear, it requires a lot more than just putting any clothing on. Like they say, dress well and you'll be addressed well.

 So how then do you intend to fix an outfit that is both chic and comfortable, but most ideal for the type of job you do?

In this article, I’ll be explaining some guidelines to follow and consider in selecting your work outfit.

       Create a work closet.


For the singular reason that you do not wear all the clothes you have in your wardrobe to the office, it is necessary to create a functional work closet. 

A work closet is an array of work clothes, shoes, and bags that are kept separate from the entire clothes in a wardrobe. Here are a few things to do when creating your work closet.

  • Separate all the button-up shirts you readily wear to the office. White button-up shirts are a common piece used in the business world, so it is expected that your white shirt be clean and clearly defined.

  • Keep your pants in one section and your skirts in another.

  • Hang up all your blazers in another section of the work closest.

  • Your bags and shoes should also be kept in another section of your work closet.

If the above guide does not catch you fancy, then you could just be a bad-ass by drawing up a work outfit-table. Simply plan by writing down outfits you would wear for the five working days. From on Monday down through Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays are great days to plan.

    Make sure your work clothes fit.


In pursuit of comfort, one major factor to note is how well your clothes fit. It may sound obvious, but many don’t get it right. 

Your work outfits are to strike a balance between “too big” and “too small”.

Ensure that every piece of clothing you wear fits properly. From your underwear to your skirts and pants, to your shirts and shoes, they all just have to fit right.

   Hair and Makeup must be on fleek!


Never –ever- leave your house with and unkempt hair or tacky makeup. 

It makes your colleagues and customers think you don’t have your life together and trust me, I doubt if your boss wants to see that.

 You are a career woman, and this is expected to reflect in your appearance. First impressions matter a lot.

Hair and makeup are integral parts of an outfit that most women don’t take cognizance of. 

When these two are ill-fitted, they ruin all the efforts you place in selecting your outfits. So, look good.


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In celebration of mother’s day that happened a few days ago, I figured why not an article for every kick-ass mums and aspiring to be mums out there. 

An article to remind all mothers that they are beautiful and even at pregnancy, they are still beautiful! 

Speaking of beauty, some pregnant mums are very much in the game of maintaining that.
 Not just beauty alone, also in what they wear and how they wear it.

 Despite the fact that they have another human living and breathing in them, they still give make-up and style lessons and trust me, the aspiring mums are learning. 

 This is validating one thing; you can be a pregnant mother and still look effortlessly gorgeous. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing some useful maternity fashion tips before purchasing your maternity clothing.

1.      Buy Pieces you can wear now and later.

I needed to make this the first idea because I know so many women would be like “oh, now that I’m pregnant, I would need to buy some really –really- big dresses and clothes’’. 

The question is, what happens after birth? Would you need to toss these extra-large dresses away? 

There is every tendency that few weeks after delivery, your weight drops. To further buttress that, according to my research, most women lose about 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms) during childbirth including the weight of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluids.

So why invest in clothes that won’t fit after child delivery?

 Avoid clothes that are waist-defining and seek for stretchy pieces. A-gown is a very good option when paired with statement earrings and necklaces. 
Wear a pair of embellished flats and you’re good to go out for that cute dinner.


2.      Create Your Own Pregnancy Closet.

Needing to look at all your outfits and go through them just to find a particular piece that fits can be somewhat frustrating.

Toward your delivery month, you would have little or no time to organize all the clothes in your closets.

 You would be having so many medical appointments with your doctors and other medical specialists.

So, creating a small pregnancy closet gives you a clearer and closer view of all your maternity outfits. Your pregnancy closet should contain a maximum of 30 pieces. 
Some of the pieces that should be in your pregnancy closet include, some maternity shirts, leggings, etc.


3.      Purchase Silhouettes that fits right.

Wearing outfits that have the same or similar silhouette and keeping these outfits consistent can simplify your maternity fashion approach.

 If A-gowns fit comfortably, then buy and wear them more, but maybe in different colour shades and different patterns.

 If a butterfly gown makes you comfortable, then yes…go for it! How comfortable you are in what you wear is all that matters.

4.       Comfortable foot-ware.

Embracing comfier, less vertiginous, and safer pairs of shoes is a worthwhile move. 

Although I’m no way saying you throw your personal style away, I suggest its best you keep it simple and sleek. You can still look beautiful and glory in a pair of sneakers or flat boots.


5.      Choose Maternity Denim.

Pregnancy jeans and leggings are undeniable the best piece of clothing to add to your pregnancy closet.

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