Celebrate The International Day Of The Girl Child, With @Royalbelleceo. Find Out How.

Join @royalbelleceo And Friends, To Celebrate The #InternationalDayOfTheGirl 2018, By Teaching "The Girl" Female Hygiene!

To Contribute To This Cause, Simply Get An Old But Presentable Hand Bag Or Purse, Fill It With Sanitary Items, And Kindly Drop Off At Any Of The Locations Below, On Or Before 12th October 2018;

Drop Off Locations - *Abuja Only*

1) Transcorp Hilton, Maitama (07035325737)

2) Zone 3 (08135350993)

3) Central Area (08164457534)

4) Gwarinpa (08164457534)

May We Suggest;
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Bathing Soap
- Deodorant
- Shaving Stick
- Lip Balm
- Sponge
- Mouthwash
- Sanitary Pads
- Hair Combs
- Wipes.

We Absolutely Appreciate, And Look Forward To Celebrating "The Girl", With You!
Thank You.

Do You Know What Mental Illness Feels Like? Read @Spoonie_Village's Insightful Instagram Caption On It!

Credit: Spoonie Village

"Never Judge A Book By Its Cover, Never Judge A Person The Same Way Too.
Everyone On This Planet Is Dealing With Something, Battling Through And Trying Their Best. It Might Not Look Like It, But They Are.

There Are Many Invisible Illnesses Out There, And Mental Health Is Often Invisible Too. You Don’t Need To Be Invisible To Have An Invisible Illness Or Disability, We Are Here, We Look Like Everyone Else! It’s Just, What We Experience Involves An Array Of Symptoms That Affect Each One Of Us Differently.

Often People Have Expectations Of What A Disability Or Illness Should Look Like On Someone, But The Reality Is I Look Like I’m “Normal” But Have Muscle Pain, Cognition Problems, Extremely Low Energy Most Days, And Sore Throats/Flu Like Symptoms.

Just Because They Are Not Physically On My Outer Body, Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t There Or Are Not Real.
Let’s Bash The Idea Of Having To Look A Certain Way To Meet The Expectation Of A Disability Or Illness.

On A Final Note, Many People Including Myself, Are Technically Invisible To Society, Often Because We Are Housebound Due To Our Illness, That Still Doesn’t Make It Okay To Marginalise And Forget Them, Our Illnesses Are Real.

We Are Here And We Were Once Like Everyone Else Going About Their Lives. If You Know Someone Who Got Sick With A Fatigue Type Illnesses And Disappeared For A Long Time, Don’t Assume When You Next See Them, That They Are “Doing Great” Because They "Look Okay". Often, They Aren’t, They Are Just Trying To Make The Best Of The Life They Have And Take A Rare Day Out Of Their Usual Environment.

Not All Disabilities Are Visible, And People With Them Are Not Invisible Either 💖 #justsayin #butyoudontlooksick #butiam"

How Important Is Sisterhood/Brotherhood To You? Read This Touching Story.

Afro Virtues shared this touching writeup by a pregnant woman, who described how she found out a stranger often looked out for her because of his wife, that she absolutely never got to know.
Read the story below and let us know when you also first realized how important sisterhood or brotherhood is to you;

How often do we watch out for one another?

The Style Hive Focus - 3 Reasons Why Curve Model And Blogger @LaurenNicoleFk, Is Our Latest Pick. (See Photos)

Curve model and blogger @LaurenNicoleFk, is our latest Style Hive Focus.
And here are 3 random reasons why;
- She's beautifully stylish
- She's definitely confident
- Her content/feed on Instagram, is aesthetically pleasing.
Check out her images below;

Beverly Osu Celebrates Birthday With New Photos

Beverly Osu turned a year older today, and released new pictures to celebrate it.
Looking like a black barbie, check out the pictures below:

Photography - @eleanorgoodeyphotography
Outfit - @heiresscouturenigeria
Makeup - @theodoramicheal
Hair - @bernardsmiless