We can't lie that 2020 has already been such an eventful year for us and all we can hope for is a better next year. It is also safe to say that this year has been a bit of a wash in terms of fashion, and maybe life in general. It is more of a wash for me because I currently do not need to bother about what I would be wearing for the Lagos Fashion Week since this year's fashion presentation would be digital. A lot of us have probably purchased some expensive clothing pieces that we intend on wearing to special occasions, but COVID-19 came through and said ‘nah honey, not today’. Thank goodness for Instagram, you could still play dress up and take fresh photos to update your media ( that's exactly how these cool Instagram kids say it).

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Focusing on fashion has somewhat given me a moment of relief from the many happenings in the world right now. With this in mind, taking time to think of some of the 2021 fashion trends might be a bit of a difficult task. Still, we at The Style Hive have noticed a reasonable amount of these trends that will be popping in 2021.

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So, if you are ready to get ahead of the 2021 fashion trends, read on.


Suits and co-ords are a timeless trend originated from androgyny in the 1920s to the 90s and then today. A sharp boxy blazer and a chic trouser (or short) are the perfect ensembles for anyone who simultaneously loves comfort and wants to feel good. Investing in co-ords in 2021 would be a great idea because you get a 2-in-1 outfit that you can style and wear in multiple ways together or as separates.


Mid heels are the number one shoe trend in the game right now. Wearing a classic mid-heel is a way to look great and feel confident but also comfortable at the same time. They are the more comfortable option to elevate your look without breaking your ankle, and they are no doubt here to stay.


If you are ready to carry less baggage into 2021, then this bag trend is probably for you. Pairing a small bag or purse with your outfit adds just the right amount of sass we all need in 2021.
One fun thing I love in particular about mini bags is that they are so easy to carry and are perfect for any occasion. For these reasons, the Mini bag will effortlessly live long in 2021 and beyond.


2021 wouldn't be a wholesome year if we do not talk about the minimalist sneaker trend. Clean lines, neutral tones, and monochromatic colors are all in for 2021. With all the ups and downs in 2020, we could use a bit of simplicity into our outfits. A crisp, chunky, and chic pair of sneakers is the perfect pair of outdoor shoes that goes with absolutely everything.


The use of silk and satin in clothing these past few seasons has been incredible, and we love it. From satin slip dresses to flowy midi skirts, this trend is no doubt here to stay.
Satin pieces give off the right amount of comfort and confidence for any occasion.

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As a working-class lady who loves night outs, you may sometimes feel the urge to go out with your girls on a cozy Friday evening straight from work; but then end up reconsidering it, depending on the fashion leniency of your workplace.
If your workplace embraces the pant/shirt combo, this really might not be a good fit for cocktails with your girl pals right?
So, how then can you quickly take your work look from uhm to wow?

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We've got good news for you!
Transforming your outfits from day to night is such an easy fix, and this can be achieved by selecting versatile statement pieces that are both fashion-savvy and work-friendly.

It could even be as little as changing the color of your lips or letting your hair down or wearing some extra necklace and bangles here and there, or wearing that fancy headband you have waiting in your bag.....
Putting all these things together can enhance and elevate your overall outfit.

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Today, we are highlighting the five most versatile statement pieces that would require a little styling effort in the transition of your day to night outfit.

1. The Statement LBD

This is not just any random little black dress.
This is a little black dress with a standout twist.
Selecting an edgy black dress is a no brainer outfit idea that is safe enough to carry you throughout the day at the office, and can effortlessly be glammed up for a date night with your man or your girl pals.

The simple trick here is to first select a dress that is edgy and work-friendly and then pair with statement earrings.
Complete your outfit with a heel that is comfortable enough to take you from day-to-night; let down your hair, and boom! you're ready for the night.

2. Jumpsuit


First off, jumpsuits/pantsuits are not just for the office alone. A lot of us have been limiting ourselves to some of these norms, but say no more.

My favorite versatile thing about jumpsuits is its adaptability from day time office to a nighttime outfit. You can choose to pair your jumpsuit with a well-structured blazer and a strappy heel.

3. Shirt Dress


Because shirt dresses are incredibly comfortable, this day-to-night styling trick would perfectly work with it and as such, with any button-down dress that you have in your closet.

Shirt dresses come in different lengths, and this in turn is dependent on where you would be wearing it to. A midi shirt dress would be good for work and play.
For a night-out outfit, you can pop open a couple of buttons for a more chill and relaxed look. Complete your outfit with a simple pair of ankle strap heels.

4. Jackets


For an absolute transformative look, jackets are always very essential. If the cold weather won't permit you to flaunt your beautiful arms, wearing a jacket would come in handy. Jackets come in various sizes and colors and they can be worn on any outfit.

5. Details Matter Too


Details are the very key essentials that people notice in your outfit, so if you're not doing it right, then you are probably jeopardizing all the efforts you placed in selecting your outfit. When it comes to day-to-night outfits, ensure that your accessories stand out. From your bag to your purse, to your earrings and all. We sometimes tend to focus on the bigger things and lose focus on the smaller things.

If you are wearing a black dress, you could pair an evening metallic clutch with it. Just add a little touch up here and there, and you're good to go. The same goes for your hair and make-up.

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5 Things In Your Closet To Get Rid Of Now.

Do you always complain about how cluttered your closet is? Do you have a lot of items in your closet but have nothing to wear? If yes, then your closet needs an instant intervention. So, let's start here with the things to get rid of in your closet without compromising and contemplating.


If there's that one spot in the house that gives the most grief and increases our level of anxiety, it would be the bedroom or the closet area. It often feels like an impending disaster zone, if not already a disaster zone.
And you know, anything and any place that messes with your mental well being isn't healthy and hence should be avoided.

With this, it might be time to clean out and prune your closet so it only has your favorite clothing pieces and clothing pieces that represent who you are and what you stand for.

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The process to get rid of things is somewhat tedious, but not to worry, we've got you covered. 

Ahead is a list of things that will help you figure out what to get rid of in your closet and what to keep. You can also get the donation bag ready to give out some of these clothing pieces to those in need, or to industries that are in the business of recycling waste clothing. Burning should never be an option!

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Sentimental Clothing Pieces That Don't Fit
If that skirt doesn't zip all the way or wearing that top makes it hard for you to breathe or raise your hands, consider it time to throw them out of your closet. It would be a lie is we say that we don't know those clothing pieces that won't sit well with our bodies, so why keep them? Why allow them to take up all the space in your closet? Irrespective of how dear to you they are, if they are not creating some level of synergy with your fashion taste, let them go.

Anything With Shoulder Pads
I can understand that shoulder pads are already making there way back into the fashion scene, especially for Spring/Summer 2020, and whatever is left of these remaining winter months. But for once, I think its high time we wave goodbye to these trends and embrace other top-notch trends. 
If you once loved jackets with shoulder pads, it's fine because we all did at some point in our lives.
As your aesthetics evolves, don't be afraid to toss out those pieces that no longer work.

Sentimental Clothing Items That Make You Sad
If you have any clothing piece that does not give you joy when you pick them to wear, or they remind you of an unpleasant experience in the past, it's time to let them go. I mean, why wear a summer dress that makes you feel like a seventy-year-old lady? It is better to have show-stopping clothing pieces in your wardrobe and toss any clothing piece that doesn't represent you. You can do more with less.

Clothes You Are Keeping For Your Children
It is funny, but it is the truth. Many of us have ordered a couple of clothing items online, and on delivery, we realized they were smaller. We end up keeping it for our children yet unborn. Do me a favor by kindly tossing them out. 

Those Super Cute Shoes That Don't Fit
In your pursuit for comfort, take out every shoe that doesn't fit. Regardless of how expensive these shoes are, its time to get rid of them. If they are new and super expensive, reselling it might be another great option.

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Rihanna Is Harper Barzaar's September Issue Cover Girl.

Rihanna (@badgalriri) Wearing Fenty On The September Issue Of Harper’s Bazaar US (@harpersbazaarus).
She Is Also Wearing Her Own Fenty Makeup/Skincare Line In This Shoot.

At 32, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is already an icon, but the secret to her success might lie in how she has reimagined what it means to be one.

In this issue, Kahlana Barfield Brown (@kahlanabarfield) reflects on the superstar’s singular path, from her philanthropic and advocacy work and activism, to her stellar music career and groundbreaking moves into fashion and beauty, where she has revolutionized industries that for so long catered to white women.

But Rihanna’s success has been about much more than music, clothes, or makeup, but the way she has embraced her fans and made them feel not just valued, but like they have a voice. As Barfield Brown writes, “Beyond providing people in communities of color starved for accessible foundation that actually matched their complexions, the move seemed to communicate: ‘I see you when no one else does.’”


Photographer - @graysorrenti⁣

Creative Director - @jenbrillbrill 

Profile Written By - @kahlanabarfield 

Hair - @ursulastephen ⁣

Makeup - @priscillaono⁣

Nails - @kimmiekyees ⁣

Rihanna Wears @Fenty, @MariaTash, And @anabelachan

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