Is She Real? This Gorgeous Melanin Model Has Us Asking!

@Shudu.gram according to her bio, is a model, and a gorgeous melanin life-size looking doll at that.
Images and pure artistic shots of her perfectly depict her as one, and it had us asking if she is real.

Pictures of her below:
What do you think?


Check Out These Amazing Life Size Sculptures By Luo Li Rong

Luo Li Rong is a Chinese artist, who later settled in Belgium, that creates life size bronze sculptures of women, inspired by Renaissance Art.

Check this one out.
Aren't these amazing?

@1dnagh (Twitter)

Makeup Artist, Tenny Coco Talks About How She Learned To Embrace Her Melanin

Nigerian makeup artist cum Beauty influencer, Tenny Coco, whose real name is Teniola Aisha Kashaam, recently shared a picture of herself on her Instagram page, where she was lighter in one, and darker in one, and talked about how she became addicted to bleaching her skin at a young age, and also overcame her bleaching addiction.

Read the excerpts below:

"My Road to Melanin"

"At the age of 19, I started lightening my skin..... 
By the time I was 20, I had become a heavy skin bleacher... at the time it felt almost normal, I felt like I looked more attractive..... it became an addiction, I just couldn't stop. I craved so much to be lighter.. I felt being black wasn't beautiful enough. What a stupid way to have thought... 
I guess the society we live in played a little role in my decision to bleach my skin... coupled with being very Naive at that age. It's widely  perceived that the lighter you are, the more beautiful you look. To be honest I always knew it was a bad thing... I mean, I had seen loads of people with ridiculously damaged skin courtesy the effects of bleaching but I was just so deep into it... like I said it's actually an addiction.

As my 25th birthday started approaching I started to do a lot of Soul searching, a lot of self evaluation... concerning every area of my life and I finally started to see the light... to see how crazy I had been all these years... how crazy it was for me to have believed that my black skin wasn't beautiful, to have allowed myself to feel inadequate or to try and tell God ' how you created me isn't good enough' what a silly, crazy way to have lived. 

Today I'm more than grateful that I finally saw the light. 
Black is beautiful! So beautiful! Never have I ever felt as beautiful and as at peace with my  skin tone as I do now... Please Love your skin/Yourself the way God has made you.... you are beautiful, you are enough.

Time will always tell... imagine how I would look 10-15 years from now if I had continued to bleach my skin. Please don't do it... I did it and I Had/ have so much Regret... it's not worth it. You are beautiful just as you are.
I get a lot of messages asking me, how I was able to transition my skin back... I will be sharing all the tips soon enough.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get through this...... the Amount of support I have received is enormous... 
Thank you."


'Lady About Town' - Ready To Wear Clothing Line, Visu, Releases Lookbook For Her Debut Collection.

VISU presents her Debut Ready To Wear Collection 'LADY ABOUT TOWN'.

The collection is inspired by women constantly blooming into their true essence and being graceful at it. 
A lady about town is one who goes about her life truly looking and feeling like a lady. She's smart, elegant, fully in tune with herself and her purpose, and can't be stopped.

Label: Visu | @_Visu |

Photography: Idris Dawodu | @Idrisdawodu

Styling/Direction: The Visu Team
Makeup: Bregha Beauty | @Bregha
Model: Ema | @emamoke_
Hair: Adols Hair | @adolshair
Tassel Earrings: Tope Crystal | @Topecrystal

5 Best Kia Cars To Buy In 2017.

5 Best Kia Cars To Buy In 2017

Kia has become one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the world during the past decade, and it has enjoyed its share of popularity in Nigeria. 
There are many reasons to love Kia cars: they are exceptionally good-looking, reliable, and are available at moderate prices. 
Find out which 5 Kia models to consider if you’re planning to upgrade your car in 2017. You can find the widest range of affordable used Kia cars in Nigeria on Jiji.

1. Kia Optima

The Kia Optima was one of the first sedans introduced by the company, and while it struggled to compete with other, more famous models during its first and second generation, by the third generation the Optima took its rightful place among the most desirable sedans. 
Today the Kia Optima is at its fourth generation, and it’s the perfect option of a technologically advanced and reasonably priced family vehicle.

2. Kia Carnival

Speaking of families, no family buyers should overlook the Kia Carnival, also known as the Sedona. This minivan avoided the plague of being considered just another boring minivan: instead, it offers competitive performance, outstanding safety features, and exciting design to all of its buyers. Sure, the Kia carnival may not win a race, but can serve your family for years without any major issues.

3. Kia Soul

The Soul became one of the most discussed vehicles released by Kia in the last few years. This hatchback can be instantly recognized thanks to its unique styling, but it has much more to offer than just good looks. The Kia Soul is capable of acing any challenge, but at the same time it makes the perfect city car with its latest technology features, fun design, and a variety of options to choose from.

4. Kia Sorento

Kia is a brand that prides itself on having every type of vehicles represented in its lineup, and, obviously, it couldn’t be complete without an SUV. Originally, the Kia Sorento started out as the rugged and impressive SUV, but later the model transformed into the practical and attractive crossover SUV we know and love today. 
The optional third row of seats will appeal to family buyers, and everyone can appreciate its amazing performance.

5. Kia Rio

Ever since it was introduced in the early 2000s, the Rio has been Kia’s most affordable model. However, reasonable pricing didn’t prevent this car from having anything a typical buyer is looking for in a car, from safety and comfort features to refined mechanics and surprisingly high-end cabin and exterior design.