This Stylish Mother Of 4, Is Too Much Sauce And Style Goals!

We've got such a huge style crush on @Kekecameron, and being a mother of four (we kid you not!), with a rocking bod, and beautiful picture aesthetics, we cannot help but have legit reasons for "goals-ing" her!.

See pictures of her below, and let us know what you think too.

#TeamMelaninPoppin Vs #TeamLightSkin - What's All The Fuss About?

So this makes for a pretty much interesting topic to be discussed on, thanks to a picture of @BankyW and @Jidenna, @bellanaijaonline put up on its Instagram page, which has gotten some thought provoking comments under the image.

View the image and some of the comments after the cut:

Left: Jidenna, Right: @BankyW

@Bellanaijaonline's Comment:

Some Of The Replies:

So what do you think?

Are we all just intimidated by one another, when it comes to skin colour?
Does #TeamLightSkin actually intimidate #teammelaninpoppin and why if you think so? 
Or is social media really just fueling political correct and less self love?

Do share.
We look forward to reading your thoughts.

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Beauty Feature - Leylarh Cadne X Emmanuel Oyeleke Present The Fruity Editorial, Featuring Aduke Bey

Makeup Artist and Beauty entrepreneur Leylarhcadne, teamed up with celebrity photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke, to create this fruity editorial, featuring model Aduke Bey. 

Check out the artistic editorial below!

Photographer - @Emmanueloyeleke
Makeup Artist - Leylarh Cadne
Model - Aduke Bey

#5KBae - How To Tell The Difference Between Dating And Relationship.

A story trended on social media a while ago (started via Twitter basically).
Like social media actually went agog because of tweets from a guy who literally threw insulting "subs" at a girl he took out on a date, questioning why she accepted to go on a date with him, if she knew she wasn't interested in a relationship.

Although he has formally and informally apologised to her, we do realise the need for people to also understand the major differences between "dating" and "being in a relationship".

But before we delve into why we are here AKA why we think you need to know the differences, check out what the hashtags: 5KBae and Keepthechangebae mean in the first place;

Her Reply;

Okay, so moving on. if we all going to be honest about this, we would agree that a lot of people make the mistake of assuming they are on the same page with someone they like, based on vibes they interpret as "mutual". without having "the talk" or getting clear about stuff in general.

The guy in the above scenario maybe seems to have gotten the wrong vibe due to a lack of proper communication and or assumption, between him and the girl, and of course handled his rejection in that way.

So what are the differences between dating and relationship that we ought to know to avoid situations like this?
Let's share at least 3 definitions from our research:

Dating vs. Relationships

The main difference between dating and being in a relationship is that people in a relationship are connected by a mutual commitment to each other. You and the person you are with, have agreed, either officially or unofficially, that you’re seeing each other exclusively and are in a partnership together. (

There is a definite line between dating someone and being in a relationship with someone. Dating is getting to know someone. It can even involve getting to know several people at one time. Being in a relationship is when you have decided that the person that you have dated is someone that you would like to get to know better. The possibility of marriage or a long term commitment  looms at this point. (

The difference between dating and being in a relationship is commitment. If you are going out with someone on a regular basis, and you and your partner have agreed to date only one another, then you are in a committed relationship. However, if you are dating a person and neither of you have agreed to date exclusively, then you are not in a relationship and you are both free to also date other people. (Datingtips)

Do the above definitions make any sense to you? Yes?
So now let's establish key things to note from these definitions.

  • MUTUAL COMMITMENT/AGREEMENT provides the answer to knowing the legit difference between dating and being in a relationship.

  • Dating is non exclusive, relationship is exclusive (at least all things being equal)

  • Dating basically means getting to know someone, while being in a relationship is based on the MUTUAL decision to get to know each other better AKA takes things further.

    • Dating does not involve commitment, Relationship involves commitment.

    Now that we've established differences, it is therefore important to note that it is necessary, although oftentimes awkward, (especially when there's no likelihood of dating, successfully going directly into a relationship) to actually have "The Talk", a.k.a "What are we", with like/love interests, to know whether you are both on the same page, regarding whatever "name tag" you want to place on your relationship. Casual Or committed? 

    Especially in cases where you feel like you need "answers", assurance, surety of where a "ship" is heading.

    Why? It honestly will save time and definitely avoid complications.

    It honestly is never safe to assume that someone wants the same thing that you do, or that someone is on the same wavelength as you, based on the adrenaline rush, if you don't openly talk about the progressive "feelings".

    Girls and boys oftentimes think differently and that's a constant reminder. Because for instance, a girl could just want to casually date a guy, while same guy would want a serious relationship.

    To therefore find balance, both need to talk about what they both want, in the short and long run, then see if a compromise can be reached if needed.

    At least, there would be an understanding and pedal on expectations on both end.

    Rejections are unavoidable and hurtful no doubt, but proper communication will at least help us choose better ways on how to react.

    So in summary, proper communication between two people is important, so as to avoid stories that touch and a proper mental preparation and reaction to rejections.

    Now what do you think about this article?
    Agree or Nah?
    Do tell.
    We look forward to reading your comments.

    Meanwhile incase you missed the post on "He doesn't want a relationship with me", you can read it Here.


    Being Emotionally Vulnerable - Is It A Good Or Bad Thing?

    Picture Source - Google

    "He said you were too emotionally vulnerable", my close friend uttered, as she explained the reason a guy she introduced to me, gave to her,  as his reason for not wanting to "take things further" with me.

    My reaction to his talk went from laughter to anger to sadness. 
    I mean really?
    He really said that?
    I am too emotionally vulnerable?

    "I'm never going to genuinely open up to guys  about feelings they have awoken in me" again then". I retort to myself!

    "You know what "fuck it", on the contrary, it was his and every other guy's loss, for not seeing me as worthy enough to stress for, and for coming on strong, and running away at the slightest sight of emotion or feeling from my end, when I know that I am worthy enough to be loved (Yet a part of me feels like it was my loss too. Why?).....

    Plus their ignorance on the fact that not emotionally connecting with me,
    was detrimental to them not understanding that aspect of me, although sad, is what would have helped them understand why I am emotionally vulnerable.

    But in the first place, why the heck is anyone regarding "emotional vulnerability" as a problem?"


    Does the above scenario sound familiar or relatable to you in anyway?

    What is emotional vulnerability to you? 

    And is society not to be blamed for making us think vulnerability is a sign of weakness? 

    "Boys shouldn't cry, it's a sign of weakness", Girls shouldn't tell boys they like them because yeah yeah", men run from emotionally vulnerable people so don't be emotionally vulnerable o, *inserts other stressful quotes*

    It's why a lot of people are messed up.

    Thinking before feeling!
    Instead of feeling before thinking!

    Or don't you think so?

    Although vulnerability gives room for heartbreak, hurt, and disappointment; avoiding it won't allow us enjoy and learn from life's experiences, and won't let us be our authentic honest selves either.

    So if for anything, vulnerability is a sign of strength, and should be appreciated and applauded. (Lonerwolf)

    Being emotional simply says you are human, in sync with your emotions and feelings, not afraid, and genuine enough to open up your heart to someone, hoping he/she would be capable of literally holding /catching you when you fall.

    Therefore, if someone is listing emotional vulnerability as a "problem" and or reason for not seeing the need to build anything with you, it simply is their incapability of making an effort to understand you.
    Because let's face it, we are almost all vulnerable!

    So does the person really deserve something real with you at all in the first place?

    Plus if vulnerability is a bridge to emotionally connecting with someone who acts like they like you, is this not you technically making an effort to foster or build something?

    So I guess it's to look forward to meeting people who can mutually relate with you on that level/ emotionally connect with you right?


    You could as well literally middle finger those who say that that part of you is a problem then, while you justifiably hurt and find ways to move on with your self loving bad ass self to something better. :)

                       *****Anonymous Writer*****