The Journey To Self; Chronicles Of A Self Love Enthusiast (Part 4) - What Does Your Happiest Life Look Like?

They say "take a moment to picture your happiest life",
And I can't, because I cannot imagine what "happy" really feels like.
You may ask?

I am here, trying to be content with what life has thrown thus far at me, afterall, happiness means contentment; or maybe I'm just stuck, tired or scared to imagine, to actually believe that life can be much better; that life can actually be free of strife and sorrow and bad things.

Maybe I think it really is actually impossible for anyone to be at their happiest, yet I understand that the thought pattern of "impossibility", would, according to the laws of the universe, vibrate the energy of impossibilities to me.

Also, because I feel like a happiest life couldn't exactly be one filled with material things; e.g imagining myself in a mansion, or in Maldives, which are typical predictable comforting stuff, they don't seem to fill in the "imagine a happiest life gap".


How do you really picture your best life?
Is a "happiest life" truly achievable on earth?
And how?
How do you get to tune into feeling a happiest life?
What does a/your happiest life look like?
Do share.

The Journey To Self; Chronicles Of A Self Love Enthusiast (Part 3) - Oil To Control A Man? WHY???

If you missed the last CASLE episode, kindly check HERE

So anyway, I came across this advert on Instagram recently,, and it baffled me as much as it caught my attention.
It literally falls under a self love topic anyway, and I thought to blog about it" asking questions in the process..

The aim of the ad, like one or the two others I have come across either out of plain curiosity via Instagram's explore page, or heard of before this one, basically informs(ed) prospective buyers about an Oil, whose sole purpose or usage, is for controlling any man.
Waist beads wearers just like this oil. are often scrutinized for wearing them for the sole purpose of controlling men too.

So for the aim of this article really, I'm going to sum every "control product" under the same category with this ad.

So anyway, this advert put so many unanswered questions in my head, like it made me really think; pay attention; (I mean asides wondering why Instagram really thought I would be interested in that ad anyway Lol),
What makes a man so special, that he ought to be "controlled"?

Like what makes him that special special?
Like are men that huge of a deal that a woman gotta need help out of her "loving self" to get or control?
Why the need to control?
Like is that serious?
That's what I really innocently want(ed) to know.

I legit questioned if it means I haven't just met someone worth wanting to control?
And even if I have, again, WHY the need to control?
Because if not, what kind of stress over a human being is that ad? Lol

I mean this legit feels like men are sooooo much valued over women, which makes me think I ought to come back as a man in my next life lol. Such priviledge!
If women really gotta go out of their ways to find how to lock men down, then being a man must be that "important"
Makes it kinda hard to think that there are men who choose to one day do "stuff" to control a woman for her heart;
Like do men use stuff like this?

Because eitherways, I'm sarcastically jealous someone out there legit thinks a "human being" is that special enough to want to control with stuff.

Anyway, life as a man really must be lit?
What does it really feel like?

Because if you have women placing you above themselves, seeking to control you,(some high level importance shit hian)
Then it must be nice oh!

Bottomline really is, this is me just honestly trying so much to wrap my head over over what makes one get to the point they feel like they gotta do stuff to trap a person
What happened to self love?

What do you think of this article?
Do share.

#AMVCA2018 - Check Out Uru Eke's Absolutely Stunning Beauty Shot Look For AMVCA2018

We absolutely cannot get over these stunning shots of Uru Eke's (@UruEke) makeup look to the recently held #AMVCA2018 event.
Makeup was done by @Layefabeauty
Photography - @Rukkydidit

One word for this look?

Triple The Denim - Whose Denim Skirt Style Would You Choose?

Whose Denim skirt styling would you personally rock?
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The Journey To Self; Chronicles Of A Self Love Enthusiast (Part 2) - Marriage And Motherhood Have Me Like......

Speaking of marriage and motherhood?
And as a firstborn again?

(Oh and btw if you missed the Part 1 of my #RoadToDiscovery, chronicles of a self love enthusiast tale, please check HERE )

So anyway, Marriage is something that I personally have to be sincerely 100% convinced I have to go into.
Then motherhood too?


The constant worries;
The scary moments;
The almost choking from food moments;
You Know The;
The I took my eyes away for just one second and he almost took a sip of engine oil or gulped that tiny bottle of Eucalyptus oil you left by yourside for a second, while tending to something else, or put bead in his nose moments;

The sick moments; where you may most likely have to rush them to the clinic because they are suffering from constipation or they are throwing up!
Oh the vomit phobia you have;
The teenage moments aka The we have to talk about sex moments;
The teachable moments, where you try not to influence them with how you think, but let them independently think for themselves;
So many moments mehn.

So many moments deeply rooted and determined by how much you love yourself first and how much you know who you are!

Then, being a firstborn again doesn't even now make these two things that enticing or convincing.
I mean they can both be "cute" but
Having to be responsible for other people but yourself AGAIN?
All the things to consider are much😩
The sacrifices,
No more personal space, blablabla.

How do or have a lot of you, done these two so effortlessly well?

Because I see that
Marriage and Motherhood can take so much away from you or deplete you as a human being, much less a woman, THAN give, under the wrongest circumstances.
Feels like marriage was meant to benefit Men more;
But hey like I said.... under imbalanced conditions/wrongest circumstances!

Hence, why I'm not even in the slightest hurry to make these two decisions.

The day(s) I decide to do these two, then *e gats* mean say I finally became convinced I found someone capable of offering and committing himself wholeheartedly to doing both with me: as my partner in crime literally speaking!

It means I must have started feeling worthy enough to literally give life to someone else and being able to love someone else to the point of facing the possibilities of ever having to lose them!

It means I really must have gotten to that point where I feel both these things are so worth it to be very honest, 100% feeling whole, worthy and capable of facing absolutely any challenge with someone else by my side;
A 100% supportive someone who makes me less anxious/worried about delving into both.

That being said,

I really really hail anyone who has been brave enough to do these two!
Y'all are the greatest!
How do you do it?

P.S If I "gbagaun", I "Gbagaun"