#AMVCA2018 - Check Out Uru Eke's Absolutely Stunning Beauty Shot Look For AMVCA2018

We absolutely cannot get over these stunning shots of Uru Eke's (@UruEke) makeup look to the recently held #AMVCA2018 event.
Makeup was done by @Layefabeauty
Photography - @Rukkydidit

One word for this look?

Triple The Denim - Whose Denim Skirt Style Would You Choose?

Whose Denim skirt styling would you personally rock?
  1. @tokemakinwa
  2. @alex_unusual
  3. @abbykedomina1




The Chronicles Of A Self Love Enthusiast (Part 2) - Marriage And Motherhood Have Me Like......

Speaking of marriage and motherhood?
And as a firstborn again?

(Oh and btw if you missed the Part 1 of my #RoadToDiscovery, chronicles of a self love enthusiast tale, please check HERE )

So anyway, Marriage is something that I personally have to be sincerely 100% convinced I have to go into.
Then motherhood too?


The constant worries;
The scary moments;
The almost choking from food moments;
You Know The;
The I took my eyes away for just one second and he almost took a sip of engine oil or gulped that tiny bottle of Eucalyptus oil you left by yourside for a second, while tending to something else, or put bead in his nose moments;

The sick moments; where you may most likely have to rush them to the clinic because they are suffering from constipation or they are throwing up!
Oh the vomit phobia you have;
The teenage moments aka The we have to talk about sex moments;
The teachable moments, where you try not to influence them with how you think, but let them independently think for themselves;
So many moments mehn.

So many moments deeply rooted and determined by how much you love yourself first and how much you know who you are!

Then, being a firstborn again doesn't even now make these two things that enticing or convincing.
I mean they can both be "cute" but
Having to be responsible for other people but yourself AGAIN?
All the things to consider are much😩
The sacrifices,
No more personal space, blablabla.

How do or have a lot of you, done these two so effortlessly well?

Because I see that
Marriage and Motherhood can take so much away from you or deplete you as a human being, much less a woman, THAN give, under the wrongest circumstances.
Feels like marriage was meant to benefit Men more;
But hey like I said.... under imbalanced conditions/wrongest circumstances!

Hence, why I'm not even in the slightest hurry to make these two decisions.

The day(s) I decide to do these two, then *e gats* mean say I finally became convinced I found someone capable of offering and committing himself wholeheartedly to doing both with me: as my partner in crime literally speaking!

It means I must have started feeling worthy enough to literally give life to someone else and being able to love someone else to the point of facing the possibilities of ever having to lose them!

It means I really must have gotten to that point where I feel both these things are so worth it to be very honest, 100% feeling whole, worthy and capable of facing absolutely any challenge with someone else by my side;
A 100% supportive someone who makes me less anxious/worried about delving into both.

That being said,

I really really hail anyone who has been brave enough to do these two!
Y'all are the greatest!
How do you do it?

P.S If I "gbagaun", I "Gbagaun"

On The Road To Recovery - The Chronicles Of A Self Love Enthusiast (Part 1)

Image Credit - @Alex_elle

Hi, My name is Anonymous, and with sweaty palms, fear, uncertainty, and the desire to find a purpose to live, I am choosing to share my road to recovery, my undiluted "truth" and my way of seeing life at the moment.

I am choosing to be anonymous because I could be anybody, I am just anybody, and I am not doing this to show you the "right' way because "right" is subjective anyway, but I am doing this to feel "connected" with someone or anyone, through my writing, who might be going through the phases of trying to find self worth, self love, and understand why life happens!
I am still learning and I am open to learning more!
So no I do not have all the answers, I don't exactly wish to fit into anyone's idea of "right", all I know is I just want to be happy!

So, please read these chronicles with an open mind, and understand that the happenstances of life, tend to push us as humans, into the "movements" that align with our values, for sanity reasons.

Gentle Kind Warning In Advance (Hehe): It might take me a while to occasionally consistently put up these chronicles, based on how easy it is for me to be able to gather these thoughts to write!
The perfectionist in me!

So, Sometime Last Year, A Few Weeks Before My Birthday Actually, I Was Diagnosed With Being Borderline Suicidal & Depression!
Anxiety Was Additionally An Issue!
Still Sounds Pretty Much Interesting To Me!, And It Also Took A While To Start To Accept (Still Trying To Accept It).
Now I Don't Even Know How To Start, But Let Me Start By Saying That "Depression Does NOT Have A Face"!
And Victims Are Not Oftentimes Aware Of The Signs 'Until They Are Made Aware"
But They Are Aware Of The "Feelings' Which Can Come Off As "Normal"!

Let Me Give You A Drift!
I Have One Particular Picture, That Whenever I Look At These Days, Reminds Me Of The  "Emptiness" I Felt In That Picture.
Two Years Ago, I Used The Picture As A "Visual" To Inform My Timeline That It Was My Birthday, Even Though It Wasn't Taken On My Birthday!
 I Didn't Have A Phone That Period, So I Used My Sister's Phone To Upload, But I Remember Feeling Empty, Lonely And Sad That Day, And I Think I Just Wanted To Feel Something Else.

I Filtered That Picture To Black/White Because I Felt Like My Eyes Looked "Sad"; Filter Would Hide The Sad Eyes, And I Didn't Want Anyone To Read The Eyes!
I Felt Lonely & Empty As I Would Almost Always Feel On My Birthdays!
Interesting Right?

The Signs Had Always Been There Would You Believe?
In My Episodes, I Would Tweet Subtle Stuff, And Yet Didn't Know My Feelings At That Point Were Valid Or Signs!
But You Know What?
I Was Really Unaware Myself All The While TBH!
My Diaries Dating Years Back Had The Word "Empty" Often,
As "Writing" Was & Has Always Been My Friend!
As A Matter Of Fact, Writing Saved Me To A Large Extent, Because It Helped Me Understand The Signs More, By The Time I Became More Aware.
Like The Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle!
Depression Is A Battle That Must Be Fought, & Also VERY Different & Unique To Each Person So There Is No Competition Of Whose's Story Sounds More Hectic!
Don't Tell Someone "Your Own Is Small"
Don't Tell Someone "You Want Attention"
In General, Don't Invalidate/Compare Experiences!
While I Am Very Much Still On My Road To Recovery Via Therapy; Knowing That No One Is Going To Do This For Me,
I Hopefully Would Share Details Maybe, Of What Led To My Depression, Maybe When I Feel More Comfortable & Way Better, & Hopefully Not Get Labelled 😃 (Mental Illness Has A Weird Way Of Getting People To "Label" You),
But Most Importantly, I Hope To Show Through My Writing, My Own "Teachable Moments" On What Self Love Means To Me In The Short/Long Run, And How I Am On The Road To That!
And How Much I Hope To Win This Battle!

I Need You To Reallllllly Just Know That "Depression Does Not Have A Face"☺
So On That Note, Welcome To My Journey!
End Note - "Do Not Attribute Smiling & Being Jovial As A Sign Of A Healthy Mind"
It Is Veryy Easy To Fake Smiles Btw!

Here's The Most Expensive Coca Cola You'd Ever Buy!

Thirsty Anyone?
Here’s The Most Expensive Coca Cola You’d Ever Buy.
"British Accessories Designer Sophia Webster, Presented This Set From Her Flamboyant Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection At London Fashion Week. 
This Glamourous Collection In Collaboration With Coca-Cola is Inspired By The Spirit And Style Of The Classic Baz Luhrmann Film Strictly Ballroom.” - coca-cola.uk